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Illegal Patient Profiles: Dealing with Mental and Physical Pain

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So many people in the United States have to deal with multiple ailments every day. Sometimes is can be overwhelming, especially when they go to their doctor and, instead of finding relief, they are given pills that often make their problems worse.

That is the way life is for Fefe M, from Georgia.

The Marijuana Times: What ailments do you use cannabis to treat?

Fefe M: RA, fibro, gout, PTSD, anxiety/panic attacks, depression.

MT: How do these ailments affect your daily life?

FM: I can’t function like I used to. I’m always so exhausted, in pain, swollen, foggy headed, to name a few.

MT: What were you told about cannabis growing up?

FM: “Just Say No”.

MT: What do you have to go through to obtain the cannabis you use and how does it make you feel to have to rely on the illegal market?

FM: I have a few people I trust to receive my “medicine”, but there is always a risk. I have a squeaky clean record, not one traffic violation, nothing, so it makes me feel like a criminal, which by far, I am not. I see certain loved ones who use it for better health, and to treat their own illnesses, and they are harassed, followed by the police, watched by the police, searched illegally, the list goes on.

MT: What is your preferred method of cannabis ingestion and why?

FM: I prefer to smoke it myself, because it just seems to work best for me.

MT: How is your life different now that you have found cannabis?

FM: Cannabis has changed my life. It helps me feel better, when absolutely nothing else does, including my prescriptions.

MT: What prescription drugs, if any, were you able to stop using because of cannabis?

FM: I still have to take my prescription medications, just not nearly as often, when I am able to smoke.

MT: How does cannabis work better than the prescriptions?

FM: I can sit/lay for hours after I have taken my prescription medications, still suffering, whereas [with] smoking, I feel better almost immediately.

MT: What strains have you found to be helpful to your specific aliment?

FM: Anything “loud” works better for me.

MT: Have you had any encounters with law enforcement over your cannabis use?

FM: Thankfully, no I haven’t. I seriously hope and pray I never have to.

MT: Are you involved in any sort of activism in your area or state?

FM: I do as much research as possible, and I share that information with those who can benefit from it, as well as sign all the petitions I can.

MT: Have you ever thought about moving to another state to gain better access to medical cannabis?


MT: How important is it to you that legalization comes to your state?

FM: It is so important to me. It treats someone I love very much, who could die without it. I honestly think I would not still be here, if it weren’t for cannabis.

Are you a medical marijuana patient who medicates illegally? I want to tell your story (anonymously, if you prefer)! Email me at stonerjesus420@gmail.com and I’ll send you our set of questions.

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  1. The pain management contracts you have to sign to receive pain medication are barbaric. My doctor has no problem pumping me up with the opioids I need , and spinal pain blockers givin under sedation,and now possibly a implant to deliver pain meds, and electric stimulus to my spine, but mention medical marijuana and the sky is falling. I’m 57 yrs old and have been smoking pot since I’m 17 . I’ve recently suffered a leg crushing injury and after 28 days on morphine every 8 mins, and a daily regime of oxy, roxy, lyrica, and muscle relaxers I decided to try smoking a little to see if it helped. I have to take a urine test every 30 days to see if I happen to test posative for illegal drugs. On returning home on said day I take two or three pokes off a one hitter and feel relief immediately so much so I skipped my scheduled opioid dosage. Now I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t gotten high in thirty days or it’s truly helping but I can’t continue to smoke and find out because of losing my pain meds . In today’s climate of rampant opioid abuse you would think smoking a little bud to help reduce dependency on said meds would be applauded . I don’t know if I can get by completely on marijuana but I’d like the opportunity to try or at least cut back. I’m sure these meds are doing a number on my insides. Considering I have been diagnosed with RSD and will be in pain the rest of my life I deserve to try to get the relief I need. So along with the support for medical marijuana something has to be done about these pain management contracts. Here in NY I txt my senator, and governor weekly about this problem. One of my senators aids reached out to me about using my texts at a assembly meeting. She said she’d never here’d of these contracts and I told her just type pain management contract in on her search engine and she’ll bi inadated with cites even from states that have medical marijuana . Any way good luck to those that find the help the magic weed supplies from pain medication , to seizure relief for children, to just plain unwinding after a brutal day. It’s here to stay , write call or txt your elected officials they work for you. Thanks???