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Illegal Patient Profiles: Trapped in the House


Many of us never see the people who suffer the most. That’s because they suffer alone, in silence, behind closed doors. These people go to the doctor, explain their problems and most of the time they are put on addictive prescription medications with side effects that make them a zombie at best and put them to sleep at worst, all the while doing untold damage to their internal organs.

Some of these people discover cannabis and are able to unlock their lives. One of those people is Jessica F., who uses cannabis to medicate, but because there is no legal access to cannabis for her in Missouri, she often has to rely on those less effective and more dangerous prescriptions.

The Marijuana Times: What ailments do you use cannabis to treat?

Jessica F: Anxiety, agoraphobia, PTSD, and digestive problems.

MT: How do these ailments affect your daily life?

JF: I take six psych meds currently, but am able to skip two to three of them if I use cannabis. The ailments I have make me unable to leave the house without being medicated. I don’t even have a driver’s license because I’m too anxious to drive.

MT: What were you told about cannabis growing up?

JF: That it was a gateway drug that would lead to heroin addiction and eventual death.

MT: What do you have to go through to obtain the cannabis you use and how does it make you feel to have to rely on the illegal market?

JF: I am constantly trying to find suppliers that have quality Indica; there’s hours of driving time involved, sometimes I go for weeks without cannabis. People overcharge you, they don’t know strains; it’s basically a crap shoot.

MT: What is your preferred method of cannabis ingestion and why?

JF: Edibles, for sure. No scent, longer lasting, relatively affordable, and there are fewer ups and downs. You just maintain a constant high.

MT: How is your life different now that you have found cannabis?

JF: If I am medicated on cannabis I am able to attend social functions, go to the grocery store, sleep better, and have fewer racing thoughts.

MT: What prescription drugs, if any, were you able to stop using because of cannabis? How does cannabis work better than the prescriptions?

JF: I haven’t stopped using my prescription drugs completely because it’s hard to always have cannabis on hand, but when I am medicated on cannabis I am able to stop taking my Neurontin, my Xanax, and my evening Seroquel. I prefer using cannabis because it’s a plant not a pharmaceutical. It keeps me happier and more relaxed.

MT: What strains have you found to be most helpful to your specific ailments?

JF: Most any Indica helps me the most. I am able to relax and concentrate.

MT: Have you had any encounters with law enforcement over your cannabis use?

JF: No.

MT: Are you involved in any sort of activism in your area or state?

JF: NORML and Show-Me Cannabis.

MT: Have you ever thought about moving to another state to gain better access to medical cannabis?

JF: Absolutely! If I had the money I would move to Colorado tomorrow.

MT: How important is it to you that legalization comes to your state?

JF: It’s one of the most important issues to me. If I could legally obtain medical marijuana, my life would significantly improve.

Are you a medical marijuana patient who medicates illegally? I want to tell your story (anonymously, if you prefer)! Email me at stonerjesus420@gmail.com and I’ll send you our set of questions.

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