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Inside the Cannabis Growth Capital Conference Session at the CWCB Expo in New York City


1Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition

The Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition began at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City on June 15th, 2016.

2Vendors Setting Up Their Booths

Day one is for add-on workshops. The vendors are setting up their booths for the expo this week.

3Jason Spatafora, The Wolf of Weed Street

Jason Spatafora, better known as the Wolf of Weed Street, advises that the Biotech sector is the best for opportunity in cannabis, and says to utilize niche markets that no one sees as a big enough opportunity.

4The Harbinger Agency

The Harbinger Agency talks about branding and the importance of spending money to identify your target audience and strategy.

5The Marijuana Show

Producers of the reality show, The Marijuana Show, on the lookout for talented ganjapreneurs to try out for their show.

6The High Line

Blocks away from the Javits Center, the High Line is a beautiful way to spend a break and recenter yourself during a busy day of networking.

7Matt Mills, COO of Med-X Inc.

Matt Mills, COO of Med-X Inc., talks cultivation and news publishing with Naturcide and The Marijuana Times.


Mills talks cannabis cultivation and answers questions about Naturcide – an organic insecticide.

9Launch of The Marijuana Times App

Matt Mills announces the launch of The Marijuana Times app, an advertising initiative allowing for cannabis companies to reach their audience without fear of being shut down.

10The App is Now Available

The Marijuana Times app is now available for download! Just search ‘The Marijuana Times’.

All images courtesy of Chloe Sommers.