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InSpire Introduces Latest Product Line: The Heritage Series

Integrated HVACD units provide cannabis cultivators with superior flexibility and control to increase product yield, quality and consistency

InSpire Transpiration Solutions

InSpire Transpiration Solutions, a leading HVACD products and services provider focused on controlled environmental systems for indoor horticulture, today announced its newest product line: the Heritage Series. Products in the Heritage Series are packaged heating, ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification (HVACD) units combining multiple systems into one integrated piece of equipment. Cannabis cultivators can independently control environmental conditions such as grow room temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide set points.

“Grow facility HVACD equipment will be one of your largest expenses with the longest lead time, so it is important to get it right the first time around,” said Adrian Giovenco, CEO of InSpire Transpiration Solutions. “We saw a need in the marketplace for a single, packaged product that would provide our clients with the high level of environmental control necessary to improve the yield, quality and consistency of their finished product. Our HVACD units in the Heritage Series make it easy to meet facility needs when it comes to vegitative and flowering cultivation spaces and larger-sized curing spaces.” 

While the Heritage Series features primarily packaged HVACD units, InSpire also offers split horizontal units to provide flexible form factors for any facility configuration. InSpire’s integrated systems include mechanisms for regulating all of the important environmental factors in a commercial cannabis grow room, including temperature, relative humidity, carbon dioxide, and monitoring important plant vitality metrics such as transpiration and carbon assimilation. With just one piece of equipment, cultivators can reduce operating costs, eliminate conditions in which pests and pathogens will thrive, and ensure all environmental elements are working together in harmony. Integrated control paves the way for maximized biomass, phenotypic expression and plant vitality. 

Products in the Heritage Series feature:

  • Cloud-based control: InSpire’s cloud-based integrated room automation systems allow users to leverage advanced crop steering techniques with real-time dashboards and control from anywhere in the world. 
  • Advanced performance: Heritage systems incorporate advanced features to ensure the highest level of performance, such as independent control of temperature, relative humidity and carbon dioxide, high efficiency particulate filtration and easy access points for maintenance and repair. 

To learn more, visit https://inspire.ag/hvac-products/packaged-rooftop-unit/.