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Is it Time to Invest in Legal Cannabis Domain Names?


According to Internet legend, the “Dot-Com Boom” marked a period in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, which saw a huge rise in market equity and stock prices due to rapid growth in the Tech and Internet sector and related fields. This was a culmination of steady commercial growth of Internet technologies introduced in the 90’s, such as the web browser. The boom was so great, that some companies were able to increase their stock prices simply by adding an “e” or a “.com” to their business name.

There can be few booms without a bust. The dot-com bubble burst somewhere around early 2001 or before. Some companies, like pets.com, faded into oblivion. Others, such as Amazon and eBay, took massive stock price hits but still went on to become the web giants they are today.

Last year officially marked the year of the Cannabis Domain Name Boom, at least so far. Hundreds of cannabis domain names were registered last year, at what appears to be a record pace. This is an obvious indication that investors from all walks of life are taking the industry seriously and are interested in the new potential green rush. They would be spot on, because the state of Colorado is closing in on a billion dollars worth of legal cannabis sold in just a few short years. This is a huge exploding market that will just continue to expand. Legal cannabis is currently a $5.4 billion industry.

But, the question on every serious cannabis investors mind… Will there be a bust? There always has to be a bust, doesn’t there? Rational thinking when it comes to investing is certainly important. However, if there will be a cannabis business bust, it’s likely not going to come anytime soon. In the span of just one month — from October to November of 2015 — recreational cannabis sales totaled to $51 million in the state of Colorado alone.

Imagine the continued growth of the cannabis market when more and more states legalize throughout 2016 and beyond. Being smart with your money is imperative, but it would appear to most investment experts that the smart money is investing with legal cannabis in 2016.

Also, please know that while we enjoy discussing cannabis business and the marijuana industry, we are in no way providing investment advice. This article is for education and conversation purposes only.

Are you a potential investor in legal cannabis businesses but are still a little hesitant or skeptical of the industry as a whole? We want to hear any questions or concerns you may have!