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Israel Will Soon Begin Exporting Medical Marijuana


There are people all over the world looking to advance in the cannabis industry – but Israel is getting ahead in many aspects. They have already started to come out with some of the most innovative cannabis technology over the last couple of years – investors from the U.S. have already sunk $50 million into technology like inhalers and research as well, seeing as it is much easier to accomplish in Israel.

It’s only been a couple of months since Israel approved a plan that eases restrictions on medical marijuana research and cultivation – and weeks since they approved a measure that will make it easier for patients to access medical marijuana. The new regulations will allow farmers to grow medical cannabis, license more physicians to recommend it and allow it to be sold in pharmacies. With 23,000 patients currently registered to use medical marijuana, this is definitely a much needed advancement.

“In two years we will have protocols in place that will allow farmers to grow cannabis,” Ariel told Israel Radio over the weekend, according to Israel’s online Hebrew-language magazine Cannabis.

Initially, the approved measures that ease restrictions on growing cannabis will not allow for the export of the crop. However, over the next two years, Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel believes that the regulatory framework could be in place. Currently the focus is for them to research the best methods for growing the plants – considering the country is well known for their agricultural research they will likely be growing some of the most potent and therapeutic plants to be found.

On the other hand, cannabis growers in Israel have already made it a point that in order for them to sell their product locally at a reasonable price, they would have to export crops as well. If all goes well, within the next couple of years growers will have determined a “best practices” of sorts for cultivation and will move on from there to export their crops. Israel is doing a great job of getting ahead of the game when it comes to cannabis – leading in technology and now possibly being one of the first to export medical marijuana – we can expect big things from Israel in the next few years if they keep this up.