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Leading the Social Media Revolution: An Interview with Jessica Blunt of Blunt House Media

Image Courtesy of Blunt House Media
Image Courtesy of Blunt House Media

When it comes to cannabis law reform, there are many cogs working together to facilitate the progress we have seen in the last few years. Of all the areas where work is being done and the cause of freedom is being advanced, arguably none is more influential than social media.

And when it comes to cannabis, one social media network stands above all others: Blunt House Media.

Cannabis culture, news and information comprise a ton of different things and BHM is trying to connect those different strands into a cohesive whole that assaults the Internet daily with the truth about marijuana.

Co-founded by Robert Blunt and Cody Hess, BHM commands a massive audience through pages like Blunts N Bongs (2.5 million followers) and Drug Possession Laws (1.7 million). Through those and other pages, BHM reaches tens of millions of people every day with articles, memes, pics, videos and more about the cannabis industry and its culture.

I recently got a chance to talk with Robert’s sister, Jessica Blunt, who came on board with BHM a couple of years ago as the Consumer Resource Manager. After a car accident she let the wonders of medical cannabis lead her to relief and to a path that enables her to spread the truth about an amazing plant on a global scale.

The Marijuana Times: What were you told about cannabis growing up?

Jessica Bunt: Only bad people do drugs and if I smoke marijuana, I will go to jail for the rest of my life.

MT: How did you find out about the amazing properties of the cannabis plant?

JB: I’ve always had issues with falling asleep and found that when I’d smoke, I’d fall asleep much faster and stay asleep.  

MT: How does medical cannabis help you personally?

JB: Instead of waiting hours to fall asleep, it takes a matter of minutes. Back pain from my car accident is relieved immediately after partaking in cannabis. Menstrual cramps would send me to the emergency room but not after discovering cannabis.

MT: What kind of work did you do before you joined Blunt House Media?

JB: Dispatching and customer service for 15 years.

MT: How did you come to work with your brother at Blunt House?

JB: He always had in mind that his sister would join him in his business ventures. I think after knowing the pain I was in from my accident, offering me work that I could do comfortably from home was the best solution.

MT: Blunt House has a massive social media reach, what kind of feedback have you gotten from fans?

JB: We get suggestions and compliments from our clients and a majority of fans are very positive.

MT: What’s some of the stuff people can expect from your pages on Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

JB: Whether you’re looking to upgrade your piece or want to find out the latest cannabis news developments, our pages are themed to entertain all different types of cannabis enthusiasts.

MT: What do you see as the future of Blunt House?

JB: Becoming a household name in the cannabis industry where companies can rely on our ability to “light up their brand” with us!

MT: What other projects does Blunt House have in the works that you can tell us about?

JB: Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to find out!

The future of Blunt House is indeed bright as the cannabis industry has almost unlimited potential for growth. This is especially true on the Internet, where media of all kinds is focusing its energy today and for the foreseeable future. With a base of millions to build on, BHM has nowhere to go but up.