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Leaf Trade’s redesigned website provides comprehensive, in-depth information for cannabis wholesalers and industry observers

The leading cannabis marketplace is providing wholesalers a single location for all the information they need to run a successful cannabis business

Leaf Trade

The wholesale cannabis industry is a vital segment of the phenomenal $61 billion legal cannabis industry. This ever-evolving space, deemed essential this past year, has a growth trajectory that can sometimes be hard to keep up with. 

Leaf Trade, the leading wholesale cannabis marketplace and payments platform in the US legal cannabis market, recently launched a new website that acts as a single online location to find comprehensive news, information and advice about today’s pressing wholesale cannabis topics.

The new and improved website features wide-ranging news and informed analyses and provides trusted, proven advice for how stakeholders can best benefit and thrive in a constantly changing business environment that encompasses expanding legalization and a growing cultural and economic acceptance by a majority of Americans.

“Leaf Trade’s managed marketplace is the leading fintech platform of its kind in the North American cannabis industry,” said James Yi, Founder and CEO, Leaf Trade. “And our redesigned website makes it a leading knowledge base for everyone in the space who needs concise news and practical advice on wholesale cannabis topics of all kinds.”

Because nearly one-third of all cannabis wholesale orders are placed through Leaf Trade, the innovative fintech platform is already a long-established and trusted source of wholesale information for cultivators, processors, retail dispensaries and ancillary businesses. Now, to better serve these stakeholders, the newly designed website features easier navigation and a comprehensive collection of topics to inform and guide industry participants along all points in the cannabis supply chain. 

One new feature is an explanation of the business tools needed by wholesalers, who have to master the supply-chain complexities of eCommerce, CRMs, compliance challenges and marketing opportunities, as well as often confusing and costly payment processes.

“Just as Leaf Trade is an integrative solution that encompasses everything in one platform, our redesigned website consolidates all the information and knowledge that wholesalers need,” said Michael Piermont, President, CRO, Leaf Trade. “These resources will help Leaf Trade clients and anyone in the industry who needs to better understand the supply-chain trends and matters affecting wholesale cannabis.” 

Leaf Trade has been a solid player in the fintech vertical, growing first to dominate wholesale transactions in the company’s home state of Illinois to its current designation as the wholesale marketplace of choice in today’s dynamic US legal cannabis market. With more than $1.5 billion in annualized net GMV, Leaf Trade operates in 21 states with expansion planned for others, most immediately in Western regions of the nation.

The company also recently launched Leaf Pay, its integrated payment platform that allows for seamless payment transactions of wholesale orders at the point of purchase. As an integrated feature on the Leaf Trade marketplace that utilizes compliant bank-based payment processing, Leaf Pay is the most intuitive and affordable one-step payments tool for cannabis companies nationwide. Designed to be more cost-competitive than wire payments and easier to manage and track than paper check or cash invoices, Leaf Pay is positioned to become the leading payment avenue for all wholesale cannabis transactions.

Leaf Trade is powering the players that are driving cannabis growth at an industry expansion rate of more than 25% per year. Leaf Trade and Leaf Pay are already adopted as essential tools for the current and future success of some of the world’s largest cannabis companies, including CuraLeaf, Verano and Green Thumb Industries, to name a few.
Cannabis wholesales interested in using the new education tool or learning more about Leaf Trade’s offerings can visit the new website.