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Cannabox Evolves Into An Online Smoke Shop

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The company Cannabox is a leader in providing the most popular subscription box service for cannabis accessories, and they recently turned into one of the biggest online smoke shop options. They can be found ranked number one on Google for cannabis subscription box for a reason, they provide the coolest boxes of 420 accessories. Now, they are competing with the many local head shops and online smoke shops. They do so really well, with an impressive selection of premium accessories that will intrigue any cannabis smoker. 

Why You’re Going To Want To Check Out Cannabox Online Head Shop.

It can be difficult to find a cool new accessory for smoking or vaping cannabis. Especially premium cannabis accessories that are going to be affordable too! Cannabox is dedicated to only providing brands with a reputation of high-quality products. Unlike many local smoke shops and online head shops with the main priority of profit over their customers’ experiences. A lot of the products being sold on the Cannabox online smoke shop are from brands that have a solid reputation and following online. We are going to explore the many types of products that are for sale on Cannabox.com below.

Bongs For Sale


Find a ton of different types of bongs available that range from affordable to ultra premium!  People often pick up something basic and cheap that breaks easily and simply gets the job done. But Cannabox aims a little higher, with products that stand out among the pack. Discover an impressive selection of high-quality glass bongs that are made with thick glass. There are also bongs made from other materials, such as silicone and porcelain. These are not just random water pipes being sold by Cannabox, they are from brands with nothing less than a great reputation for quality.

The sheer variety of bongs for sale include gravity bongs, novelty bongs, and even themed bongs. With products from popular companies like GRAV LABS and My Bud Vase, you are guaranteed to find a bong that both matches your personality and has the features you value as a smoker. Whether you want an ice catcher for smooth cold hits, extra percolation, or something that functions as a piece of art, Cannabox can help find the bong that’s perfect for you. 

Some of their most popular bongs include the Cannabox Apple Bong, Cookies x Stündenglass Gravity Bong, and the legendary Silicone Mini Beaker Water Pipe w/ Storage. Browse our online smoke shop and discover a ton of bongs for sale, all picked up by fellow cannabis users!

Hand Pipes For Sale


Hand pipes are one of the most essential tools for smoking conveniently, and Cannabox’s selection of weed pipes is impressive. These are not simply cheap hand pipes thrown together caustically. Cannabox has hand-selected some of the most beautiful, unique, innovative hand pipes from celebrated companies. Stop settling for generic hand pipes from head shops and pick up something you can be proud to own. Peruse their selection from brands like Marley Natural, GRAV LABS, and even Cannabox’s own hand pipes. 

Cannabox has spoon pipes, bubbler pipes, and tons of fun novelty pipes that are sure to spark conversation. Some of the most popular hand pipes include Marley Natural’s Glass & Walnut Steamroller, Cannabox’s Limited Zig Zag Hand Pipe, and the Cannabox Vintage Bus Hand Pipe. With a stunning variety of quality products curated for you, you’re guaranteed to find a hand pipe that fits your needs and aesthetic. Make sure to check out all of our glass pipes for sale above, our online smoke shop is frequently adding more!

Dab Rigs For Sale 


Dabbing is a form of smoking that is rapidly growing in popularity, and it’s easy to understand why that is. Many people will try to make DIY dab rigs, but for the serious smoker, it’s good to invest in something with a lot of percolation and solid design. For those who want to take their smoking to the next level, checking Cannabox’s dab rig collection is a must. 

Cannabox has curated a jaw-dropping selection of over 30 dab rigs to choose from. These are high-quality dab rigs that offer clean and pure hits. Choose flavor and percolation with these beautiful and magnificent dab rigs. Some of the most celebrated brands are on display here, include EYCE, MJ Arsenal, Higher Standards, Dr. Dabber, and Puffco Peak. These are not just a slew of basic dab rigs haphazardly thrown together. These are some of the most innovative, unique dab rigs on the market. 

Whether you want a silicone dab rig, a portable vaporizer, a mini dab rig, or something far more complex and exciting, Cannabox has the perfect dab rig for you. Some of the most popular dab rigs offered include the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer, the MJ Arsenal Titan Mini Dab Rig, and the PuffCo Peak Sunset Electric Dab Rig. You are guaranteed to find a dab rig that fits your smoking needs and, most importantly, will deliver huge hits that get you where you need to be. 

Dabbing Accessories For Sale

Behind every great dab rig is a selection of accessories to help use, maintain, and enhance your rig. After all, a dab rig is made up of many moving parts, including bowls, bangers, torches, and nails. To help aid the concentrate heating process, users can buy carb caps, pokers, and dab tools for a premium smoking experience. 

Cannabox has an excellent collection of tools and accessories to ensure that you get the most out of your dabbing experience. Some of these products are simply made by Cannabx, while others are in tandem with specific brands. Either way, these products are high quality and guaranteed to get the job done.  

Dab Nails


Dab nails are arguably the most important part of the dabbing process. They are the part you heat up to vaporize your concentrate. Dab nails can come in many forms, but one of the most popular is quartz. Cannabox has a wide selection of quartz bangers to choose from. Quartz is high-quality glass that doesn’t crack easily and can withstand more heat than other forms of glass. 

Cannabox’s selection of quartz bangers comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Each banger comes in either 10mm or 14mm to ensure that you can find something that fits with your downstem. You can choose between male or female joints and can even choose between 45 and 90-degree angle bowls. 

Dabbing Tools


Cannabox’s collection of dabbing tools will help ensure that your smoking experience goes smoothly. Some tools you can buy include pokers for sifting your concentrate around and dab tools for handling your concentrate. These tools are generally made with titanium to ensure that your concentrate will not be affected by oils and soot. 

You can also find high-quality carb caps to help with temperature regulation and vape attachments for Puffco and EYCE products. These carb caps come in a variety of fun and interesting shapes and colors. One of the most popular dabbing tools is the Cannabox Double-Sided Dab Tool. The tool includes both a scraper for picking up the concentrate and a poker to help your concentrate heat evenly. 

Other Dabbing Accessories

Cannabox dab tool accessories are not just limited to pokers, bangers, and caps. Their website hosts a variety of innovative and essential accessories to improve your smoking experience. Some of their products include a dab mat for users who like their glass on soft surfaces. They also have ash catchers and thermometers for your concentrates. These thermometers are perfect for users who find themselves always having to guess the temperature of their dabs.  

Cannabox also hosts a variety of butane canisters to heat up your dabs. These are from lauded companies like Blazer, High Standards, and even Newport. 

Smoking Accessories For Sale 

The seasoned smoker knows the importance of additional tools to enhance their smoking experience. The basics are nice if you’re in a pinch, but there are so many different tools that can simply make your life easier. Cannabox has an impressive collection of unique tools and accessories to fit whatever you’re in the mood for, whether you want to grind your weed, are in the market for a new lighter, or just want nicer rolling papers. 

This is not just a collection of odds and ends; these are handpicked and curated specifically by Cannabox to give you nothing less than the best in smoking accessories. 

Ash Trays

Everyone needs a place to ash. Stop living in squalor and buy something nice that’ll help keep your place clean. Cannabox has a wide variety of eye-popping ashtrays, from simple metal to intricate glassware. Cannabox makes their own ashtrays, but also includes ashtrays from companies like Elements, Raw, Marley Natural, Debowler, and Natural Standards. 

There are options for you, whether you want something simple to catch your ash or something more intricate to set outside on a table. Cannabox will help you keep your pad looking clean and classy with an ashtray that’s sure to fit your vibe. 

Cannabis Grinders

We all remember the dark days or putting your weed in a jar with a quarter and shaking it, or picking it apart by hand. A grinder is an essential part of the smoking experience, so settle for something generic and cheaply made? Cannabox has a premium selection of high-quality grinders from some of the best companies in the weed industry. 

Whether you want a grinder with a classy wood finish, something that fluffs your cannabis, or an auto weed grinder, Cannabox has what you’re looking for. Peruse companies like Cookies, OTTO, Santa Cruz Shredder, Marley Natural, and Wu-Tang Papers for state-of-the-art grinders that get the job done. 

Some of their most popular grinders include the Santa Cruz 4 Piece Hemp Grinder and the Marley Natural Wood Weed Grinder. 


A good lighter is an underrated tool. So many lighters are totally disposable and run out of gas very quickly. It’s nice to have something more durable and reusable to ensure that you care for your lighter. Cannabox has a variety of efficient and refillable Clipper lighters to ensure that you’re always stocked and ready to spark up. 

Cannabox makes their own Clipper lighters and you can stock up on RAW lighters and butane fuel as well. With fun decals and a variety of colors to choose from, you can be prepared for any situation that comes your way. 

Rolling Papers

Nothing beats a good joint. Rolling papers go a long way in the quality of your joint. Flavor, ease of rolling, and health are all factors that can affect your joint. Cannabox has a wonderful and diverse selection of rolling papers to accommodate your tastes. 

For those who like unflavored, RAW carries a fantastic selection of organic artisanal rolling papers that allow you to taste your weed unaltered. For those who like flavor, Cannabox carries a large selection of Juicy J’s in nearly every flavor imaginable. OCB and Elements also offer rolling papers that are durable and smooth. 

Rolling Trays

Cannabox offers a variety of rolling trays so you can roll up your weed on a clean surface. Whether you want paper, glass, or metal, you can find wonderful rolling trays with neat designs from RAW, Wu-Tang Rolling Papers, Elements, and more! 

Smell-Proof Bags For Sale

On the go? Need to travel with your weed in an inconspicuous manner? Cannabox as you covered with smell-proof bags. With brands like RAW, Cookies, and Cali Crusher, you can transport your weed safely and securely without having to worry about a dank smell. This new online smoke shop has one of the biggest inventories, and with nothing but reputable brands. Therefore, the likelihood of a positive buying experience is very high with Cannabox. They offer a lot of value with their weed subscription boxes, and now they do it again with their online head shop. Find high quality cannabis accessories that are going to be worth the purchase! 

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