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Chalice Farms Introduces New Flavors to Effects-Based Edibles Line, Chalice Chews

Chalice Chews

Oregon dispensary brand, Chalice Farms, has unveiled two new flavors of its Chalice Chews, chamomile peach and marionberry lemon, available now at all locations.

The chamomile peach CBN and marionberry lemon CBG flavors add to Chalice Chews’ existing lineup, an effects-based edibles line. Like CBD and THC, CBN and CBG are properties of the cannabis plant. Chalice Chews’ current flavors include tropical fruit chews, designed for restful sleep; green apple CBD fruit chews for mind and body support; kiwi strawberry 2:1 CBD:THC fruit chews for calm; acai berry 1:1 CBD:THC fruit chews for balance; lemon ginger for 10:1 CBD:THC ratio with turmeric and black pepper, for recovery; black cherry with acerola cherry and aronia berry, to provide an energized and engaged mood; chamomile peach 5:1 CBN:THC with hibiscus flower and valerian root to aid with sleep; marionberry lemon for 5:1 CBG:THC to boost recovery and overall wellness; and tangerine fruit chews for energy. Chalice Chews are made with real fruit, sweetened with beet sugar, and are vegan, gluten free and soy free.

“Our new marionberry lemon CBG chews have a very similar chemical structure to CBD, with many of the same effects,” said Jeff Yapp, CEO of Chalice Brands, Ltd., which operates Chalice Farms. “The benefits of CBG primarily look at antibacterial and digestion-assisting qualities, whereas the CBN benefits are more dedicated to targeting sleep issues and helping with quality rest.”

Chalice Farms encourages customers to take advantage of its online ordering platform, plus delivery and express pick-up offerings. While shopping in stores is still permitted, the number of customers in each retail location is being limited as an additional precaution and as a measure of social distancing. The company’s online ordering platform allows customers to reserve products, select options for pick-up in store, have products delivered or utilize curbside pick-up.

Chalice Farms offers complimentary delivery services for orders of $60 or more, available daily beginning at noon. Deliveries are collected and distributed on an hourly basis, with an estimated wait time of 30 to 90 minutes.

Chalice Farms advocates for cannabis accessibility with an emphasis on health and wellness benefits. Offered at its seven locations are more than 25 strains of cannabis, as well as a variety of concentrates, edibles, topicals and related products. The award-winning dispensary is led by a team of experienced operators and is known for its curated product selection, high-quality vendors, and innovative sustainability efforts.