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CAMP Introduces New Line of CBN Night Drops

Nevada’s First Solventless Cannabis Brand Unveils New Product for Unwinding

The Source

CAMP, Nevada’s first solventless cannabis brand, has debuted its newest product, CAMP Night Drops, a 5:1 THC to CBN unflavored tincture for a calming sensation. The product is now available at The Source+’s four dispensaries across Nevada.

CAMP 5:1 Night Drops are sold in a 30-milliliter unflavored tincture, priced at $30 at The Source+. The hemp-derived extract is hand-crafted with an effective blend of THC and CBN to boost relaxation and sleep. Each bottle includes a dropper to allow for precise measurement and can be used topically or sublingually.

“CAMP Night Drop’s are made with CBN, which is known as the ‘sleepy’ cannabinoid as well as lesser-known benefits, such as being analgesic and having bacteria fighting properties,” said CAMP’s director of production, Aaron Nino. “Recent studies point to CBN having pain relief properties, potentially altering pain signals that the brain receives. One way to take advantage of the compound’s properties is to apply a product topically directly to the affected area.” With over a decade of cannabis extraction experience, Nino is one of the most awarded production specialists in the industry, winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2019 and the Jack Herer Cup Las Vegas in 2019. 

Since its debut in April 2019, CAMP has produced Nevada’s first solventless products. It now boasts a collection of live rosin, flower rosin, and ice-water hash rosin. As concentrates become more popular, CAMP rises to the occasion with handpicked, hand-trimmed and terpene-rich products. In April, CAMP launched their brand new re-designed solventless disposable.

Known for its unique extraction process, CAMP’s solventless collection are extracted using only pressure and heat to create the most natural, best tasting 100% solventless rosin. CAMP’s solventless collection features strains that have been carefully selected and extracted without the use of solvents, creating an authentic flavor and clean experience. CAMP now extracts using only ice, water, heat, and pressure and has added hash rosin and live rosin to their lineup.

To find CAMP at a dispensary nearby, visit https://www.instagram.com/wheresyourcamp/.