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Lost Coast Practices Regenerative Farming for a Top-Shelf Cannabis Experience

Lost Coast

Lost Coast, a new line of Colorado-grown premium cannabis is introducing its high-quality wholesale flower in major retailers throughout Colorado. In addition to wholesale flower, the premier brand is rolling out a line of consumer pre-packaged flower, pre-rolls, and more throughout 2021. Lost Coast leverages a unique combination of regenerative cultivation practices to offer a superior option for consumers looking for a refined flower with higher quality flavor and effects. The company’s wholesale flower can currently be found in several retail locations across the state, including Rocky Mountain Cannabis, Dabbington, High Country Healing, RootsRx, Maikoh Holistics, and Smokeys Cannabis. 

In 2020, long-time Colorado natives William Brinkerhoff Jr. and Zach Wilson, founded Lost Coast based on the belief that the market needed a higher quality flower option. The founders pulled from their NorCal experiences and relationships to bring a unique style of cannabis flower to Colorado. Believing that superior cultivation methods, quality flavor, and effect should be the discerning factors separating premium flower apart from the rest, Lost Coast encourages connoisseurs to steer away from relying on THC levels or hyped-up “street” brands to guide purchasing decisions. Brinkerhoff argues that consumers should focus on the quality of flavor, effect, and artisan process much like they would with wine, food, or craft beer.

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“Consumers are spending premium dollars for a product that’s grown poorly, using chemicals because they’re being told that it’s premium. The market and the consumer needs to be more educated around what really defines quality,” said Brinkerhoff. “Connoisseurs and enthusiasts can elevate their choices by asking their local dispensaries critical questions about the type of light the flower is grown under, if chemicals or pesticides were used, and more about the flower’s flavor and terpene quality.”  

Much like the rest of the Brinkerhoff family who owns some of Colorado’s favorite restaurants, La Loma Mexican and Sierra, William Brinkerhoff Jr. is an entrepreneur who strives towards offering a top-notch customer experience. To that end, Lost Coast pushes consumers to think more critically about the flower they purchase, encouraging them to think ‘beyond organic.’ 

“Organic pesticides are still pesticides,” said Zach Wilson, Lost Coast Co-Founder. “Instead of using store-bought, organic pesticides and chemical nutrients, we are getting up close and personal with our cultivation. We’re crafting our own all-natural plant inputs from locally sourced materials and truly mimicking the plant’s natural environment on a commercial scale to cultivate a superior flower product,” said Wilson. 

All Lost Coast plants are 100% free from any herbicides or pesticides, and all of the company’s waste is composted. Lost Coast’s cultivation techniques leverage full-spectrum light, natural farming regenerative processes, and true living soil within a natural microbiological ecosystem. Not only are these clean cultivation techniques beneficial for the company’s ecological footprint, but they also contribute to a next-level cannabis experience for the consumer. 

Lost Coast is currently looking for select dispensary partners with an emphasis on bringing quality craft products to consumers. This involves Lost Coast in-store displays, proprietary climate control storage, apparel, and a variety of some of the highest quality cannabis products on the market. For more information on Lost Coast, its strains or products, please visit www.lostcoastcraft.com.