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Luxury Ceramic Stash?

Style Union Home

What happens when your stash gets a designer home? Well, according to the cofounder of True Religion jeans, Kym Gold, who just created a new ceramic line with customized jars emblazoned with everything from “Weed,” to “Edibles” or “Xanax,” you’re at least organized. After spending a 30- year career designing clothing, Gold has morphed her design sense to the home with the launch of Style Union Home. Her wicked sense of humor and whimsy is mixed with a seriously gorgeous and substantial line of all-ceramic decor, kitchenware and even petware customized with everything from your pet’s name to “Pet Me” or “Feed Me.”

In celebration of 4/20, these canisters will charm your friends and will be a constant reminder of you when dropping their stash under the sweet sounding lid. 

If you think you’re one of a kind, these kinds of gifts are just as inherently authentic, as each is handmade, in Los Angeles, far from any mass produced bauble you could ever conjure in a gift box. Get one and Party on Wayne.