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The Pickle Juice Co. Launches Sister Brand Bawi Mana Holding, LLC to Bring 100% Natural Orange Burst CBD Shot to Market

Bawi Mana

The world’s first and only scientifically proven, anti-cramping solution, The Pickle Juice Co., is expanding their portfolio of functional beverages with the launch of sister brand Bawi Mana Holding, LLC and their first 100% natural CBD Shot. Each 2.5 oz shot contains 50mg of Nano Emulsified Broad-Spectrum CBD to aid in pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress reduction. 

Featuring a light, tangy orange citrus flavor​, each shot contains just three 100% natural ingredients: purified water, CBD, and blood orange extract. The formula provides benefits targeting the mind and body with no artificial ingredients, no sugar, no caffeine and 0% THC. 

CBD has been shown to benefit epilepsy and seizures, anxiety and mood disorders, insomnia, internal muscular inflammation and body pain, and has been linked to the treatment of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and MS. Today, mainstream consumers are integrating CBD into their daily routines for fast and reliable stress relief. Bawi Mana’s convenient shot format is ideal for consumers seeking quick relief on-the-go.

“Our CBD Shot is scientifically formulated to offer expansive benefits, everything from easing anxiety to aiding in the body’s healing process, all while tasting delicious,” said Filip Keuppens of Bawi Mana. “And our expansion will not stop here. With Bawi Mana, we’ll continue to grow our portfolio of functional beverages in the industry as consumers call for effective, trustworthy products.”

Retailing for $4.99/ shot, the product will be available for single purchase or in a 24-pack at retailers across the country, via https://BawiCBD.com, and through other online channels. The Pickle Juice Co also offers a product lineup with a 1-gallon extra strength pickle juice, 16 ounce pickle juice sport, 8 ounce pickle juice sport, 2.5 ounce pickle juice shot, and more. For more information, visit https://BawiCBD.com or follow the brand on Instagram.

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As the Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Filip Keuppens, acknowledges the name The Pickle Juice Company may be limiting. Having nothing to do with cucumbers, the innovative brand uses a proprietary grain and blend of vinegar that blocks that nerve signal being sent from brain to muscle that initiates cramping. Pickle Juice’s organic, briny beverage is the only scientifically backed solution to prevent muscle cramps. Pickle Juice is just the kind of no-spin, real deal, game-changing product Keuppens loves to bring to market. Indeed, the beverage has highly research, study-backed benefits. Still, Keuppens knows the brand is delivering on results when (unsponsored) elite athletes are televised chugging Pickle Juice on the sidelines. With a background rooted in sales and operations management along with managing teams in e-commerce, club, specialty and grocery classes, Keuppens’ experience is driven by solution-based products and innovation. Storytelling is also part of Keuppens’ toolkit. Prior to joining Pickle Juice, Keuppens served as Director of Sales with 20th Century Fox, and Key Account Manager with Warner Home Video, which taught him the value of testimonials and 3D messaging. His approach with Pickle Juice is not just touting product properties, but also offering consumers a visualization exercise in performance achievements and rewards. Keuppens understands the athlete brain as the Coach and Director of Rugby with the Dallas Rugby Football Club, and the 7s Competition Commissioner with the Red River Rugby Conference. He currently resides in Dallas, Texas.