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Marijuana, Higher Consciousness and Healing Music

Steven Halpern

For over 5000 years, cultures throughout the world have revered the healing properties of cannabis and certain kinds of music.

Fast forward to the late 1700s, when music shifted away from its ancient ceremonial and healing origins. It became “entertainment,” a means of distraction. There was little interest or research in music that could orchestrate important healing responses in body, mind and spirit. That all changed about 50 years ago.

Since 1975, a new genre of music has evolved: sound healing music. Most users know that marijuana makes most any music sound better.  What they don’t know is that this ancient aural artform can balance your brainwaves and biofield and tune your “human instrument” to higher levels of health and well-being…just by listening.

The key is to make knowledgeable choices. When it comes to relaxation, healing and higher consciousness, not all music is created equal! Most classical and popular music are based on compositional templates that create additional stress without our realizing it, with rhythms that make your heart beat too fast to relax.

Exploring the Marijuana and Music Healing Synergy

I was introduced to marijuana in college in 1966 by musicians and poets, who honored its ability to heighten creativity and deepen meditation. Before legalization, finding suitable strains was often hit or miss. I applaud all the growers who are developing strains with these desirable traits.

Throughout my solo recording career in the sacred space of the studio, I noticed that different strains would affect the music I composed. I began my informal DIY research to find specific strains that got me into “the zone” in which I would “hear music in my inner ear.” I often feel like I am channeling the song of the spirit of the plant.

During landmark biofeedback studies beginning in 1973, researchers documented that my original music evoked the “relaxation response” and balanced both hemispheres of the brain much more effectively than most other music. These findings complemented Dr. Herbert Benson’s Harvard studies that proved the profound mind/body benefits of reducing stress and deep relaxation.

Like the growing database of medical marijuana research, sound healing researchers document its potential for stress relief, PTSD, sleep problems and many other conditions.

 Sonic Brainwave Entrainment

Marijuana helps us attune to the world of nature and resonate with the Earth’s fundamental electromagnetic frequencies, approximately 8 cycles per second (8 Hz). Relaxation and healing occur naturally when our brain pulsates in the “alpha” range of 8 Hz.   

You can also shift your brainwaves into 8 Hz frequency by listening to healing music enhanced with sonic entrainment technology, like DEEP ALPHA and CANNABIS DREAMS.

Cannabis, Sound Healing and the Entourage Effect

I enjoy the Entourage Effect when I combine healing music with a strain whose genetics support relaxation and spiritual growth. On CANNABIS DREAMS, each composition is inspired by a specific strain that I smoked while recording the music. Listen with intention and attention, and you may perceive the subtle differences.

How can you tell if you’re getting into the healing zone? Your breathing rate will slow down and deepen, often within 30 seconds. Become aware of how your hearing becomes more acute, especially with headphones, to the high frequency harmonics on every track on CANNABIS DREAMS. 

These are good signs of the synergy between marijuana and healing music. Take notes on which pairings work best for you, and enjoy the journey into high-psi wellness.

 It will take your high to a higher octave!

Steven Halpern is an internationally recognized authority on sound healing. He is a Grammy® nominated recording artist, producer and author of SOUND HEALTH. Read more at StevenHalpernMusic.com.