Home Business Demystifying the cannabis industry: Everscore builds consumer trust with an online marketplace

Demystifying the cannabis industry: Everscore builds consumer trust with an online marketplace


No brand can survive without consumer trust. But for cannabis brands, building consumer trust is especially difficult due to the complex nature of the industry. 

Since legal cannabis is a relatively new business — and still isn’t available in every U.S. state — consumers who want to legally purchase cannabis products may struggle to find the information they need to make an informed purchase decision. They may also be hesitant to purchase because it’s not always easy to determine the quality of the brand and its products.   

But Everscore, a new digital platform for the cannabis industry, is setting out to change that for cannabis retailers and customers. Everscore’s detailed product listings give consumers the transparency and accessibility they need to feel confident in their decision of which cannabis products to purchase.   

A new approach to cannabis distribution

Everscore’s cannabis marketplace is powered by VTEX, a commerce platform with native marketplace and order management capabilities. Everscore’s Seed-to-Shopper™

program uses blockchain technology to provide visibility into the cannabis supply chain — offering customers more detail about the provenance of the product than they’ve ever had available before. Their online marketplace is designed to create consumer confidence and tackle the challenges that many cannabis brands experience when trying to gain consumers’ trust.  

Most cannabis brands are almost exclusively sold at dispensaries, which restricts consumer choice and convenience. And with different regulations for THC and CBD, it can be difficult for consumers to find and obtain the products they’re looking for. But with a digital marketplace, retailers can all sell their products on a single online platform — resulting in a frictionless shopping experience for the customer. 

In fact, in 2020, cannabis dispensaries that offered call-ahead ordering sold 22% more on average than stores that didn’t. Clearly, customers are looking for more convenient ordering options.

The benefits of an online marketplace 

Building customer trust doesn’t happen overnight. But Everscore’s unique platform works to connect customers and brands to enhance the experience. Because Everscore operates on an ecommerce platform with marketplace capabilities, they offer several benefits that increase customer trust and confidence:  

  • Transparency: 87% of consumers say transparency around the source of a product influences their purchasing behavior. Thanks to blockchain and QR code technology, every Everscore product gets a unique code that allows consumers to view the history of each plant used to make the product. The consumer can learn where the plant was grown and harvested, and who transported and tested it. This technology gives consumers visibility into the cannabis supply chain — and its product quality standards — so they can be more confident about the items they purchase, whether it’s hemp, marijuana, or a wellness product.
  • Educational: New consumers who are interested in cannabis products want to be educated on the industry. With a digital ecommerce platform, customers can more easily identify specific products that fit their lifestyle. The platform aims to demystify the industry and help consumers connect and engage with any brands that catch their eye. 
  • Accessibility: An online marketplace allows consumers to more easily access cannabis products. Now, instead of solely relying on a dispensary, customers can use Everscore to research, buy online and deliver to their door — making the process more convenient and approachable. Since everyone is familiar with online shopping, it offers a level of familiarity that makes customers feel safe when purchasing their items. 
  • Innovation: Everscore enables consumers to connect with innovative cannabis brands. Customers aren’t limited to a single brand’s products; they’re offered a wide array to choose from. The marketplace offers emerging and established cannabis retailers an opportunity to reach new customers and expand their brand recognition. 

By operating as a digital marketplace, Everscore provides its customers with a variety of innovative cannabis products and the transparency they need to feel confident and assured when making their purchases. The marketplace platform creates an enhanced customer experience that’s easily accessible and educational — turning curious shoppers that are new to cannabis into loyal customers.