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Rainbow Cannabis Product with a Charity-Driven Purpose Encourages Consumers to Spread Love, Not Germs this Pride Month

Rainbow MouthPeace Moose Labs

A product innovation company for the cannabis industry called Moose Labs just announced the newest addition to its collection of germ-prevention accessories; the Rainbow Sherbet’ MouthPeace. The MouthPeace is the first physician-backed, germ-preventing accessory designed to fit joints, glass pipes, vape pens, and e-cigarettes for a cleaner smoke circle among friends. 

To celebrate launching the long-awaited MouthPeace with all six colors of the rainbow, Moose Labs is also kicking-off the second month of it’s “Colors for a Cause” campaign, an initiative encouraging consumers of all walks of life to spread love, not germs. Throughout the year, Moose Labs is selecting worthy causes and charities to support, and pairing each cause with one out of the 18 available MouthPeace colors, later donating 10 percent of the proceeds on that charity’s color back to that organization. This month, 10 percent of all proceeds made on the Rainbow Sherbet MouthPeace is going to The Trevor Project, a national crisis intervention and suicide prevention group helping young members of the LGBTQAI+ community. The organization was founded in 1998 by the creators of the Academy Award®-winning short film TREVOR, and today it provides guidance to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer & questioning young people under 25.

“Although the timing couldn’t have been better for us to add the most colorful MouthPeace to our lineup, we are proud 365 days out of the year,” said Jay Rush, Co-Founder of Moose Labs. “That’s why the Rainbow Sherbet MouthPeace is a new permanent addition, and why this rainbow product is one with a purpose,” said Rush.  

Moose Labs is partnering with the TV Personality, Female Illusionist, and cannabis advocate, Jay Jackson aka Laganja Estranja to raise awareness and gather as many donations as possible, simply through purchasing the Rainbow Sherbet original MouthPeace for $9.99 USD.

“Not only has Moose Labs supported me during one of the most difficult times for entertainers, but they also LISTEN TO ME on a daily basis. It’s incredibly powerful to be valued by a company, especially as a human being and not just an influencer. I am beyond excited for the rainbow Mouthpeace! I’m so happy I am partners with a company that hears me and more importantly, sees PRIDE should be celebrated always,” said Laganja.

Each MouthPeace is made with high-quality platinum-cured silicone, and comes with proprietary MouthPeace Filters designed to fit snugly inside the device. These replaceable filters use activated carbon and triple-layer filtration to remove resins, contaminants, and tar particles from each inhale while allowing smaller molecules, like THC and CBD, to pass through. The result is a cleaner, safer smoking experience that protects both your lungs and your peace of mind. The MouthPeace Mini and MouthPeace original are available on the Moose Labs website, or found in-store at select retailers and dispensaries.