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Marijuana Legalization Bill introduced in West Virginia


West Virginia has been facing a hardship financially, which has led to a special session taking place right now to find a new solution. They have already seen prices of their resources dropping (like coal and natural gas) and they have also administered tax cuts, which always seems like a last resort in this kind of situation. One Delegate, however, is proposing a solution that to some in the state may seem way too radical to pull off this year.

Mike Pushkin introduced House Bill 114 recently, along with the signatures of four other delegates, Shawn Flahuarty, Bill Flanigan, Mike Folk and Pat McGeehan. The proposed bill would decriminalize the use, possession and cultivation of marijuana by people age 21 and older. At first look, it actually might appear to be similar to the form of legalization passed in Washington D.C.

However, taking a look at the actual bill, it explains how individuals and potential retailers would be taxed – which would generate plenty of money for the state in the long run. It outlines that individuals 21 and older will have to purchase a “tax stamp” allowing them to possess, use and cultivate marijuana – but this stamp comes with a $500 price tag.

If you don’t pay that, you could be subject to a fine on your state taxes of up to $500 for being found with two ounces or less – or up to $1,000 for more than two ounces. These penalties and taxes would be how the state plans to bring in revenue – and without having to bring in an entire industry to do it. Of course, there is an alternative that has also been mentioned – they could potentially introduce medical marijuana legislation, an industry that would also bring in the much needed tax dollars.

Honestly, if people were willing to pay a $500 fee (one time, hopefully – with a lower renewal fee instead of applying all over again for the tax stamp) then this could honestly work. If they were to go the medical marijuana route while also moving forward with the decriminalization bill, they would have double the potential – all of which could pull their state out of a financial crisis.

“We need to discuss it,” Pushkin said. “We need to put all of the options on the table.”

Whether or not the bill actually moves past the House and the Senate this session, it’s great to see that they are at least getting a dialogue rolling on the subject. After all, as pointed out by Pushkin himself, the nearby states of Ohio and Pennsylvania have both just passed medical marijuana laws – so it might be better for them to get moving on this sooner, rather than later.


  1. Don’t really no what to say but we need weed in Arkansas hope they will pass it soon it would help Arkansas so much they can put gaming at all the casino waste of money so let’s do this right thing hear it’s 420 time

  2. I think that all states shld at least have medical marijuana, and allow a small amount for recreational use for those with no serious criminal background. I have seizures, ptsd, and extreme panic and anxiety attacks. I can’t leave my house without smoking it. I have a service dog and she helps, but there are a lot of things I wouldn’t be able to do without it.

  3. Sooo what is the update of this bill? I just moved to Ohio, but patients still have to wait another few years, my opinion is the only reason Ohio passed the MM bill is to get Berny out of the political scene same with PA. so I don’t think Ohio is serious about it and even passed a bill that lawyers can’t defend MM or MM patients. Also no growing for the patients that are poor… so… the patients that need it, wont be able to get it, also the hospitals and the doctors that need hospital privileges are violently against MM. They haven’t even started the certification program for the doctors.
    I haven’t sold my property yet, and want to live in WV. So let me come home, I don’t think I could survive out west on my own with no family and no friends. It was Rahall that took away patients rights for medical marijuana in the first place. Why do you all keep voting in that oppressor?

    Well anyways for WV thinking of moving to Ohio, don’t do it yet, they say 2 to 5 years and in the mean time, if you go illegal you loose your drivers license, prison, fines and fees, and the doctors here are way worse than WV for all medical needs not just pain management. There is law on top of law in Ohio, you can’t breath, busybodies at every turn who call authorities just for taking a walk in your neighborhood.

    When WV passes MM or even legalizes it, the laws will be more human than what is going on here in Ohio, all they think of here is who is going to be the one to make the money, in the mean time, patients are suffering while they bicker and once they figure it out, it will be too expensive for patients that really need it… the ones in the most pain. I’ve own property in both places for over 10 years so, I have more choices than most. but neither state cares that I can’t take care of either one as the undertreated chronic pain doesn’t allow me to. I can’t even get things packed and/or sold so I can move out west. and even if I do, there is no way I will be able to afford their property taxes or rent when money runs out from the sales.

  4. So many of us are ill and regular medication has so many side effects if it works at all. I have never used any form of cannabis but prefer something natural if it will work. I have seen it do wonders for others with my condition so I’m hopeful. There’s no point in legalizing marijuana if there’s no responsible way to get it. I know many in this situation taking chances. WV has so much land. Safer than coal. Perhaps more economical too. So many other states need someone they can count on. WV get wise before someone else does.

  5. I think they should legalize marijuana. It is medicine not a drug. And it helps everyone from people with cancer or have seizures to people with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and even trouble sleeping. It will take away the pill addictions and people would be happy and healthy. I have anxiety and they gave me pills that make me literally sick. But marijuana is harmless. It helps me eat when I don’t want to eat helps me sleep and also keeps me from feeling negative when my bipolar depression kicks up.

  6. I just want to know when????? As the person said before this will definetly deter the opioids being prescribed as well as the amounts of alcoholics roaming the streets. It’s a natural herb ? so why not? It helps with bipolar, anxiety, cancer, eating disorders, anger issues, hyper activity it really helps with a wide range of issues. It’s also going to boost the economy tremendously, not to mention the fact that it’s going to slow down the amount of overdoses, deaths. Believe it or not it will also help with the amount of break-ins, destruction of properties, thefts that we have just so the addict can feed their addiction. In reality this one little herb could do wonders for West Virginia financially spiritually overall it could make West Virginia the wild wonderful place that it used to be.