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Massachusetts Legalization Campaign Puts Up St. Patrick’s Day Billboard Ad


The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Massachusetts took the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday as a way to start promoting their campaign for the November Ballots. The group has aired their first billboard advertisement this week (it launched Monday March 14th) and it will run through the 20th.

When it comes to trying to convince those against legalization that it is the right thing to do we often turn to the argument that marijuana is safer than alcohol – and while that is the truth, some people still just don’t want to hear it.

Well this St. Patrick’s Day a strategically planned billboard will be reminding thousands – including many Massachusetts lawmakers – that marijuana is safer than alcohol.

The billboard depicts a green beer, then a glass of whiskey and finally a marijuana leaf with the word “Safer”. The sign is simple and the message is clear – the herb is safer than booze and it should be treated as such.

“While folks are celebrating with a pint of green beer or a glass of whiskey, we want them to think about the fact that marijuana is an objectively less harmful substance,” Will Luzier, campaign manager for the ballot initiative, said in a statement.

“Marijuana is less toxic than alcohol, it’s less addictive, and it’s far less likely to contribute to violent crimes and reckless behavior,” Luzier added. “It simply doesn’t make sense to have laws that allow the use of alcohol, yet punish adults who prefer a less harmful substance.”

The placement of this sign couldn’t be more perfect or well-thought out. It is located on a digital billboard close to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and the federal Moakley Courthouse.

The ad will run through March 20th, which will be the morning of the annual St. Patrick’s Day breakfast in South Boston. This breakfast brings in elected officials from around the state – including a few who are quite clearly against the idea of legalization.

In the end, the idea behind the sign is to get people thinking about the fact that while they are sitting around enjoying a beer or a cocktail there is someone who would absolutely love to partake in a herb that is less intoxicating who can’t for fear of arrest (or who do with fear of arrest).

Maybe even some of those officials who are so dead set against legalization – whether it be because the campaigns proposed regulations are not specific or strict enough or because they believe it is a gateway drug or whatever their excuse might be – will take a second to think about all the evidence that is presented to them that legalization is the only right option.