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Meet the Master Chef of Cannabis

Image Courtesy of Renegade Chef Co.

Chef Justin Snyder competed in his first infused-cuisine match at the recent Cannabis Cup in California and was so inspired by the battle that he’s gone on to create his own brand of cannabis cooking as the Renegade Chef Co.

Even though he came in second place, the two-day battle was an inspiration, said Snyder.

“It felt like my breakthrough moment,” the renegade chef explained. “Everyone loved the show I put on. I was destroying everyone with my knife skills. Everyone was impressed.”

His favorite cuisine challenge was a middle eastern dish. He made a curry chicken topped with cranberry and pomegranate sauce, complimented with a vanilla puree and fresh strawberries. The whole dish was infused with 25 mg of cannabis.

It’s just the beginning for this canna-chef.

A revolutionist

He switched out of the crazy Michelin star-studded world to pursue his passion of high-end cannabis-infused food.

Throughout his career, he’s traveled the world working with some of the world’s best

Image Courtesy of Renegade Chef Co.
Image Courtesy of Renegade Chef Co.

chefs; Trey Foshee, Bruno Chemel, Michael Voltaggio, Hideaki Sato.

He’s also a graduate of the world famous E.N.S.P pastry school in France. 

The classically trained chef wants everyone to know his new ‘renegade’ venture isn’t to break rules, but to go against the with intention – with purpose.

“This brand is 100 % me,” he said of his new Renegade Chef Co.

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Now that he’s behind the wheel of his company, he’s going to live out his true passion.

“It’s amazing, feels like all my hard work paying off, backers trust me and my cause. I donate part to charities, specifically with cancer and Alzheimer’s.”

It’s not about reality shows and fame for Chef Snyder. His promise to give back through donating his time and money to serve a bigger purpose is a big part of his long-term plan.

Healthy food for healthy medicating

The well-traveled professional knows a thing or two about food; it’s why he is moved to bring healthy, organic, and hormone-free food to the table.

“Eating healthy, organic, cannabis is the best medicine out there,” said the chef. “It’s an education – trying to make the world a better place one meal at a time.”

You can eat fatty foods, just eat it right, he explained. Don’t eat chicken nuggets, but indulge in some delicious fried chicken instead.

You can expect to see the Renegade Chef Co. infusing and cooking for private parties, competitions, and finding other cannabis collaborations.  

Advice for aspiring canna-chefs

“Make sure this is what you want to do,” warns the renegade. “It can be difficult to succeed in this space if you don’t have the vision.”

Many look down on what he does, but standing for a cause gives him an edge that no naysayer can deny.

Being a chef isn’t about money, it’s about your passion,” he said. “If you choose this path, you will get more push back than a regular chef. It’s still frowned upon a bit.”