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Nanotechnology Boosts CBD Effectiveness Allowing Better Absorption and Consistency

Pure Craft

As the marketplace for cannabidiol (CBD) products continues to grow, some companies are rising to the top by using a revolutionary new method called nanotechnology, the science of manipulating atoms and molecules. Pure Craft CBD, based in southern California, has embraced this technology in all its products for quicker absorption and better overall bioavailability. 

Before its launch in January 2021, Pure Craft spent several years in research and development, partnering with scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The company has nanotized cannabinoids not only for CBD products, but also for CBG and CBN products.

The process of nanotization involves breaking down cannabis molecules to their smallest, subatomic form so that they can be available quicker and more efficiently in the body. Nanotization is not exclusive to Pure Craft – other CBD companies are doing it. The difference, according to Pure Craft Founder and CEO Jason Navarrete, is that other companies are only getting down to 150 or 200 nanometers. “We have broken the threshold below 100 nanometers and even gotten some cannabinoids down to 5 nanometers. That makes our CBD 90% more absorbable compared to only 18% absorption on all other leading CBD brands,” said Navarrete. Pure Craft’s slogan is “Pure Till the Last Drop.”

Navarrete is no stranger to the cannabis plant. He’s been cultivating cannabis for the last eighteen years. “I’m not just an entrepreneur,” he explains. “I’ve been a grower. I know this plant. Researchers have actually reached out to work with me for that reason.”

Pure Craft has a full line of nano water-soluble tinctures from 600 mg to 3,000 mg with flavor profiles in peppermint, tropical, strawberry mojito, orange cream, blueberry and vanilla. Even the natural-flavor profiles of its products have been nanotized, giving them bold tastes rarely found in most CBD products.

The company also offers nanotized water-soluble soft gels and CBD-infused vegan gummies. And for sleep, Pure Craft has created a water-soluble nanotized CBD that also contains nanotized melatonin. That means both the CBD and the melatonin enter the body at the same rapid speed with a 90% absorption rate. Melatonin works with the body’s circadian rhythm and its endocannabinoid system, which makes the product highly effective for sleep. “Our products are produced following the strictest guidelines and quality control measures,” said Navarrete, “which allows us to call them pharmaceutical grade.” 

Pure Craft embraces a “seed to sale” approach when it comes to cultivating its products. This involves working with the most highly informed and educated farmers and warehouse growers, partnering with expert researchers and scientists in the industry, and managing the process of production through all stages. Each batch of product is made in FDA-approved labs and undergoes third-party testing to ensure quality standards and the highest purity, and all products come with Certificates of Analysis (COAs) so consumers know exactly what’s in them.

“It’s critically important to find hemp and cannabis growers who understand the importance of genetics and hybridization in regard to cultivating premium hemp biomass,” Navarrete explained. “This is not just about watering a plant and watching it grow. Pure Craft products are made following the strictest guidelines and quality control measures.”

Pure Craft products have no binders, fillers, excipients, dyes or unknown substances. The company uses only whole-plant extraction to get a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. According to Navarrete, cannabinoids are most effective when they work together. 

The research team at MIT is also working on nanotized CBD and CBG products that contain a fulvic-acid formula. Studies have shown the fulvic acid can help in relieving allergy symptoms and slow down the process of brain disorders like Alzheimer’s. It could also be useful in reducing swelling and slowing or preventing cancer growth.

Pure Craft CBD offers 16 cannabis products and free two-day shipping. Visit our website for more details and product information.