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One Life-Altering Experience Created the Foundation for a Wellness Brand

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With the unprecedented times that we currently are experiencing, it’s no wonder we’re all looking for ways to wind down, de-stress, manage pain levels, monitor sleep, or stabilize energy levels. Anxiety levels alone have seen a drastic increase since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

As a scientist, I was always curious about the effects of hemp to relieve many ailments. I’ve researched many scientific studies and nearly all of them conclude that hemp is used effectively to battle anxiety and other disorders, and is generally well-tolerated.

But, let’s rewind a bit to a few years back. It was under stressful times that I first learned about the tremendous benefits of hemp.

When my father was diagnosed with late-stage cancer, his sluggish nature and pain-filled days were all-consuming, and honestly, very difficult to witness. After struggling to go about his normal day-to-day life, his health suddenly began to get better. What was the magical elixir? Turns out it was something that’s been around for a while – he began using hemp oil. 

While it didn’t cure his cancer, it did improve the quality of his life in his last few months. From immobility to joyous walks in the garden with his grandchildren, it was the first time since his cancer diagnosis that I was beginning to notice a significant change in my father’s well-being. 

After witnessing first-hand the amazing effect that CBD had on reducing my dad’s pain, I knew I had to learn more about the benefits of hemp. I would eventually become a strong advocate for CBD use after reading peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals that supported my growing belief in the miraculous effects of hemp.

With my life science and business background, I began to thoroughly dive into the field, analyzing data and conferring with colleagues on the pharmaceutical nature of hemp. Thus, my wellness brand, Melon CBD was born.

My brand is dedicated to providing the perfect fit for each individual’s wellness needs. More than simply a business, it’s a passion of mine to offer CBD in different formats for easy consumption. It’s the result of my years as a scientist, researcher, businessman, and son that has driven me to this new-found quest. The more I learned about hemp, my admiration grew as did my curiosity on what this could mean for generations to come.

As previously noted, I can attest first-hand to seeing enhanced well-being in my father while he was battling cancer. Hemp significantly improved my father’s last days, allowing him to live with dignity and pain-free, and for that, I’m forever grateful.

As life-altering as hemp was for my father, it has become for me as well. It’s changed the trajectory of my life and business, all for the better.

No matter what form one chooses to intake (gummies, oils, tinctures, topicals, capsules), the growing acceptance of CBD in people’s wellness regimes is indeed encouraging.

All this can be partly attributed to why the CBD gummy industry, in particular, continues to gain momentum, with projected market size of $6.94 billion. This is also due in large part to many entrepreneurs like myself creating new ways to gain market share and get their product out to the general consumer. There are even vegan versions of gummies on the market, attesting to the growing audience asking for CBD products.

Melon CBD is an ode to my father and to anyone struggling to lead a life without pain and turmoil.

Here’s to you dad. Your final journey has inspired a wellness brand that is helping many feel better overall and having a positive impact worldwide. All for a better and easier life.