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Niche Cannabis Tourism Services


The basic premise of premier cannabis tourism is simple. Along with the legalization of recreational cannabis in certain states come people who live in other states that want to partake legally.

When Washington State and Colorado voted to legalize cannabis in 2012, lots of cannabis and tourism experts alike knew that a plethora of business opportunities would arise. They knew that cannabis enthusiasts would, first and foremost, want a way to visit and consume cannabis legally. They also knew that cannabis connoisseurs would be curious to see newly legal grows and retail shops from a behind-the-scenes perspective. This hasn’t changed; it has only grown and evolved over the past two years.

What is really special about the niche market of cannabis tourism is the openness to education showcased by most consumers, professionals and investors. Anyone willing to see the industry objectively will see professionals from all walks of life switching careers. That’s exactly what smart people do – they gravitate towards success. This in turn helps to dispel the stigma of the lazy stoner.  Even those who don’t partake can have their eyes opened by taking an afternoon tour of dispensaries and grow operations. When people skeptical of the cannabis industry can identify the human element of marijuana professionals, more minds are opened. When the cannabis industry skeptics can see how dispensary or grow room owners feed their kids with their cannabis profits, more minds are changed.

One of the biggest hurdles inherent with cannabis tourism services is the initial infrastructure requirement – which means getting the necessary vehicles, equipment and affiliation with dispensaries and cannabis friendly hotels. Now that cannabis tourism service firms have this hurdle basically out of the way, services and prices only continue to improve in the sector.

As we mentioned, there certainly are a lot of cannabis tourism firms popping up as of late. While many offer top-shelf services at affordable prices, few offer as much for as little as our friends over at 420 Tours. Check them out and let them know that The Marijuana Times sent you.

We want to hear what you think! What are your thoughts on cannabis tourism? Have you taken a legal cannabis vacation? What niche of the cannabis industry would you like to see us discuss next? Let us know in the comments section!