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Nothing Compares To The Arizer Air 2

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If you were a fan of the Arizer Air, you’re probably wondering how vaping could possibly get any better. However, when the Arizer Air 2 was launched on the market, it blew its younger sibling out of the water.

This cutting edge new model offers stacks of style and sophistication paired with a whole lot of upgraded functionality. Easy enough for even a beginner to use, the latest Arizer vaporizer boasts some pretty impressive features – making it ideal for all vapers, whether novices or seasoned experts.

So, why is the Arizer Air 2 such a hit? Read on and find out more.

A User-Friendly Screen

If we take a look at the Arizer Air 2’s screen, we can see one of the reasons why this vaping device has proved so popular. Incredibly user-friendly and intuitive, the LED screen is simple to read and displays all of the key information clearly without any unnecessary clutter. Users can choose to have their vaping temperature displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius – and with a convenient 3 button operation, this device isn’t so complicated that newbies don’t know where to begin. It couldn’t be simpler to power the device off and on or change the temperature. And thanks to an integrated delayed power-on function, this is also one of the safest devices on the market, protecting the user in case they accidentally switch on their vape while it is still in their pocket or purse. With an additional automatic shut-off function, it is even safer.

What About Performance?

No matter how user-friendly the screen and safety features, a device won’t cut it with vapers unless the experience is a good one. Vapor quality couldn’t be more important when you’re selecting the right vaporizer for you, however, you won’t be disappointed by the Arizer Air 2. The vapor it produces is smooth and flavourful, and when you pair this with the outstanding draw restriction, ergonomic design, sturdy construction and durable structure, the result is a vape which says “quality”. Thanks to the ceramic heating element, a truly pure flavour is experienced, while the glass mouthpieces and herb dish guarantee that there’ll be no contaminations spoiling the taste.

How About Battery Life?

This Arizer vaporizer heats pretty quickly, and while it isn’t the speediest out there, it can reach its top temperature in only 90 seconds when the battery is fully charged. Since the temperature settings are also extremely accurate, it couldn’t be easier to select the precise temperature you desire for your individual vape experience, switching from a low temperature if you’re looking for a flavor boost to a high temperature if you’re yearning for a spot of cloud chasing. One of the best upgrades from the original Arizer Air is the battery capacity. The Arizer Air 2 has a battery capacity 50% larger than that which came with its younger sibling, and thanks to the fact that the battery can be interchanged, you can leave a longer gap before having to recharge. A single battery is capable of lasting for as long as 90 minutes if used constantly, or, for most of us who prefer shorter vaping sessions, for around 6 sessions lasting up to 13 minutes each.

Can I Take The Arizer Air 2 Out And About?

One of the issues which many vapers face when on the go is a lack of portability. Even many so-called portable devices are surprisingly large and bulky, making them a real pain if you’re out and about and want to vape. The best vaping devices are small enough to carry anywhere, and lightweight enough so they won’t weigh you down. The Arizer Air 2 has been designed with excellent portability in mind. Its light and compact construction means you can easily tuck it away in your pocket and take it anywhere you want to go. Of course, discretion is also an issue that some vapers worry about when out in public, so if you’re planning on using your Arizer Air 2 while you’re outside the home, you’ll be pleased to know that one of the color options is plain black, which makes it look just like any other regular e-cig. The designers have even thought about including a way to lower the brightness of the screen for use in public to avoid attracting unwanted attention – a helpful touch!

It’s no wonder that the Arizer Air 2 has proven to be such a hit with vapers old and new. If you’re keen to find a vaporizer that is convenient and discreet without compromising on quality, this latest incarnation of the Arizer vaporizer could be the perfect one for you. Blending style with functionality in one portable device, the Air 2 will give you the vaping experience you’ve always been hoping for.

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