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One-Derful Cannabis Concentrates Debut in Nevada, Available at The Source+

Onederful_pineapple_cake The Source

One-derful, a new line of cannabis concentrates, has announced its product launch in Nevada, available at all locations of The Source+ now.

One-derful brings its flagship products to The Source+, distillate 500-milligram vaporization cartridges with fresh and vibrant flavors, which include Grape Kush, with calm indica notes, sweet grape flavors and a wild twist of citrus sunshine; Pineapple Cake, an indica infusion of juicy pineapple tang with a sugary cake finish; Piña Colada, a bright sativa mixing island flavors with a smooth coconut accent; and Blue Shandy, a sativa lip-puckering sip of lemonade. All cartridges, popular among customers interested in consuming products in an easy, discreet manner, are priced at $40.

“We’re excited to introduce this electrifying line to Nevada,” said Aubi Foster, wholesale operations manager for One-derful. “These vape products are great for the novice and/or the connoisseur customer, as One-derful offers a convenient and discreet experience full of flavor and potency.”

“One-derful was created with a focus on delivering high-quality products with amazing flavors,” said Jill Monus, director of sales and marketing for One-derful’s parent company, One Orijin. “One-derful cartridges are created with premium distillate and infused with terpenes in mouthwatering options, and we’re excited to be able to offer the best flavor in cannabis.”

The Source+ has three dispensary locations in Nevada at 9480 S. Eastern Ave. in Henderson and 2550 S. Rainbow Blvd. in Las Vegas, as well as 5270 Longley Ln., Suite 103, in Reno. Customers are encouraged to utilize The Source+’s online ordering platform and in-house delivery services to minimize time spent shopping in-store. More information can be found here.