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Oregon Cannabusiness is Donating Proceeds to Bernie Sanders Campaign


Anyone who is hoping for cannabis legalization and is keeping up with the presidential race so far knows that Bernie Sanders is our best shot at having marijuana rescheduled and laws reformed. So with that knowledge it shouldn’t be too surprising that there is quite a bit of support for Sanders in the states which have legalized or are currently trying to.

“The time is long overdue for us to take marijuana off the federal government’s list of outlawed drugs,” he said. “In my view, states should have the right to regulate marijuana the same way that state and local laws now govern sales of alcohol and tobacco.” – Bernie Sanders

Well, there’s good news for anyone in Oregon – specifically the Portland area – who wants to support the Bernie Sanders campaign but don’t have time to volunteer and think they cannot afford to donate. Two cannabis companies have teamed up to form the “Burn One for Bernie” promotion.

The companies, Foster Buds and Farmer 12, wanted to be able to support the campaign and give local cannabis users the chance to do so as well. The way the promotion works is simply that Foster Buds (a dispensary in Portland) is donating 10% of sales on Farmer 12 pre-rolled joints.

“Cannabis enthusiasts, supporters and medical patients come from every walk of life now, and we all deserve a president who will rally to reschedule cannabis and transform America’s cannabis policies,” the business announced on social media on Tuesday. “We believe Bernie Sanders is the best and most likely candidate to appropriately represent the needs of our community.”Ken Martin, manager of Foster Buds

Since the start of the promotion they have noticed a significant boost in sales – many of which were new customers coming in specifically saying they want to support Bernie. They have been selling around a couple hundred of these Farmer 12 pre-rolled joints every day since the promotion started.

Each joint contains one gram of marijuana and costs $10. Even better yet is the fact that Foster Buds has already taken it upon themselves to absorb the 25% tax imposed on retail sales. This means that they are not charging the 25% tax to the retail customers, rather they are paying it out of their own revenue.

“We are happy to give back to the cannabis community,” was the response that one writer and customer got when commending them on the decision to swallow the tax rather than charging the customers.

These companies are doing something great – they’re giving people an opportunity to be a part of the campaign by donating through this promotion. For anyone who has been wanting to support the Bernie Sanders campaign (and lives in Oregon) this is your chance to show your support! Every little bit counts – remember that and Burn One for Bernie!


  1. If they and others could fund the exit poll company?. It’s the only legit Poll that lets us know how rigged the electronic vote is. For the DNC to disband it , means how skewed the numbers in California and the other primaries are going to be. It indicates election fraud when the vote is 2% off. Other countries populations Riot when its 4% off and the state department steps in to monitor the proceedings. We’ve had between 8 to 14% off in the USA #ExitPollGate