Home Culture Part 1: 2015’s Most Cringe- Worthy Moments in Marijuana

Part 1: 2015’s Most Cringe- Worthy Moments in Marijuana

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Despite the fact that medical cannabis is now legal in almost half of all U.S. states, law enforcement, DEA and anti-drug groups continue to lie, cheat and steal in their efforts to eradicate the devil’s lettuce. While pro-cannabis groups certainly aren’t without fault, the following cringe-worthy stories about the opposition to legal cannabis take the cake in their respective fields. While stories in part 1 of this article are pretty mild, things will get progressively worse as we go along, so be sure to read this when you’re sitting down.

D.A.R.E. Hilariously Falls for Anti-Cannabis Satire

“Marijuana candies, sold on the street as ‘Uncle Tweety’s Chewy Flipper’ and ‘Gummy Satans’ are taking the country by storm.” Does that sound like a headline which you’d take seriously? That’s exactly what anti-drug people at D.A.R.E. did; non-ironically sharing the satirical article before deleting the post upon realizing it was satire. But this is the internet, and nothing goes away forever, just ask Barbara Streisand.

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Indiana Youth Group Use “Marijuana Goggles” to Misinform Students About Impaired Driving

Our first cringe-worthy story comes out of public schools in Indiana. Youth and staff at a Hancock, Indiana youth council meeting were given goggles that supposedly simulated the effects of impaired driving. Of course, the goggles were designed to simulate a caricatured straw man that never really indicates what it’s impaired by.

“It’s very important to realize that these might not be the exact results, but these are very close to exactly what some people in our community our going out and driving in,” New Palestine Senior Keelie Baker admitted to local Indiana news outlet WISHTV.

Of course, mainstream news outlets championed the program, claiming it was “helping fight teen drug abuse.” Whatever that means

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NYPD Blames Legal Cannabis for Increase in Murder Rate

So the murder rate in NYC is reportedly up 17%. That’s not good, and it’s important to figure out why that is. Instead of looking at facts objectively like an intellectually honest person would do, NYPD Commissioner William Bratton decided to take a different route.

“The seemingly innocent drug that’s been legalized around the country. In this city, people are killing each other over marijuana more so than anything that we had to deal with an 80s and 90s with heroin and cocaine,” the Commissioner told reporters for ABC 7 in New York.

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