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Philter Labs launches revolutionary device to eliminate 97% secondhand smoke and smell


At Philter Labs, we are pioneering a new category of micro-sized personal air filters that eliminate 97% of secondhand smoke and smell, while creating an environment that allows vapers and smokers to coexist with others who don’t, and in virtually any environment or setting. PHILTER’s mission has long been to empower consumers with the ability to vape responsibly. At the urging of our customers, we recently launched PHREEDOM – a first-of-its-kind device that allows consumers to inhale and exhale into the same mouthpiece, revolutionizing the way that people vape. This is the future of vaping!

The PHREEDOM is the first and only all-in-one accessory designed to attach to any 510 cannabis or CBD cartridge, regardless of mouthpiece design, without losing any quality in a consumer’s vaping experience. With the public health crisis related to COVID and associated issues related to airborne contaminants, the optics of someone expelling their secondhand smoke into the ambient air can lead to stigma and conflict. Yet, with the seasonal changes keeping us all indoors, smokers and vapers should have the freedom to make their own lifestyle choices, while respecting those around them and the environment. 

“Seatbelts and airbags were innovations that made car travel safer and have saved countless lives, and we are designing and launching leading-edge products in the same spirit. Our patented microfiltration technology is an innovation that is a glimpse of what the future holds. Our technology keeps our environment clean, removes the stigma associated with vaping and smoking, all while keeping our loved ones sheltered from secondhand smoke,” said Christos Nicolaidis, CEO and Co-Founder of Philter Labs. “Look at how far electric vehicle technology has come in the past decade. We want to usher in a similar sea change. We see secondhand smoke being a thing of the past.” 

Our recent survey data shows that vapers are acutely aware of the social and environmental impact of secondhand smoke. Approximately 91% of respondents indicated they were concerned with how their secondhand smoke impacts the environment, and 88% would feel better about the choice to vape or smoke if no one could see or smell secondhand smoke. Changing consumer behavior can be difficult, but smokers and vapers are clearly looking for ways to address the impact of secondhand smoke. With vaping on the rise, there is an urgency to finding the solutions – like PHREEDOM – to address these growing concerns.

Consumers are aware of the impacts of secondhand smoke and want to make a difference, but the industry has failed to provide a meaningful solution. At Philter, we work to empower consumers and give them the ability to vape responsibly while simultaneously protecting those who don’t – allowing everyone to coexist.  We will once again gather when COVID is behind us – free from secondhand smoke. It’s a world that Philter Labs is proud to be working towards.