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Presidential Candidate May Destroy the Progress in Marijuana Legalization if Elected

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It’s that time again – presidential candidates are coming out in the open with their plans, ambitions and of course, all their promises. Most presidential campaigners are likely appeal to the masses on most ideals, however candidate Chris Christie has gone against the pack with this one.

In April Christie was interviewed on “The Hugh Hewitt Show” where he made the very bold statement that he will “crack down and not permit” legalized marijuana if made president.

Considering he is the only candidate who currently wishes to tear down the progress in marijuana legalization it is likely he will not see much of the presidential race. While he may have good points in other ideals – this is one statement that is likely to lose him a lot of votes before the race has really begun.

According to Christie marijuana is a “gateway” drug and this is the reasoning he stands behind keeping cannabis illegal. The thing is the “gateway” theory is exactly that – a theory.

Science has not proven, nor will they be able to prove that any single drug is a gateway drug. By that standard both cigarettes and alcohol would also still be illegal in the U.S.

The rest of the candidates rightfully said they would leave the states free to make their own decision. Christie is the only candidate who both opposes the marijuana movement as well as wishes to put an end to it.

Christie referred to the money made through taxes as a result of marijuana legalization as “blood money”. Basically, he would prefer to see the plant stay under prohibition and would – if made president – enforce federal law in the states which have chosen to legalize.

On the Daily Show host Jon Stewart made a point to put it on blast that Christie’s position on marijuana reform is hypocritical. While he wants to keep fighting against the legalization of marijuana due to “addictive” and “gateway” properties of the plant, Christie is all for legalizing online gambling.

Gambling is just as much an addiction problem as any drug in the United States today. On top of that, marijuana does not have any physically addicting properties – anyone who feels they are addicted are only suffering a psychological addiction.

That being said, Chris Christie has probably already lost this presidential race. Most voters are okay with states individual choice to legalize and feel it is not the governments place to get involved.

Tt’s time to let the states decide.