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Pro-Pot Mermaids Flip a Fin for Legalization

Image Credit: Medicare Mermaids YouTube Channel

If you find yourself driving down the Belt Parkway in New York, take a pit stop in Canarsie to say hello to the ‘Medicare Mermaids’. In true New York fashion, these brash, bedazzled babes say it like they mean it in their hit web series. These mermaids of a certain age are accepting donations to begin their second season – which focuses on marijuana legalization.

“For decades, Americans have put up with the hypocrisy of illegal marijuana,” Rozzie Mermaid told me, with an enthusiastic flap of her fin. “The injustice of this fuels my passion for legalization. I’m sick and tired of the DEA’s ridiculous classification of pot as a Schedule 1 narcotic, and their persecution of businesses and individuals, strictly for their own gain.”

The comedic duo, Rozzie and Sheila, are the stars of the web series Medicare Mermaids. An official selection of the NYC WebFest, the first season has an episode dedicated to cannabis reform. It’s called “Put that in your pipe and smoke it”.

Image Credit: Medicare Mermaids YouTube Channel

In the second episode of season one, Rozzie the mermaid talks about getting her medical marijuana prescription refilled and her mer-friend Sheila learns about how Republicans want to leave pot users high and dry.

SHEILA: “It really helps with sea sickness.”

ROZZIE: “Who’s ever heard of a mermaid who gets sea sickness???”

Telling it ‘like it is’ is a talent they bring to every topic of conversation.

SHEILA: “A whale shut down the Verrazano Bridge!”

ROZZIE: “That’s not a whale, Sheila, it’s New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie.”

SHEILA: “We should send him some…”

ROZZIE: “That’s one guy who doesn’t need the munchies.”

They talk about the schedule 1 status of cannabis, and how it helps chemo patients and people with pain.

ROZZIE: Also “little land mammals with seizures.”

SHEILA: “And mermaids with sea sickness!”

Tired of being whaled on, the mermaids make a joint decision: It’s time to support the DNC.

ROZZIE: “Christie is just another blowfish in the Republican aquarium.”

SHEILA: “Another reason to campaign for Hillary!”

Fans can visit their site for dinglehoppers and pro-marijuana wearables.

“It’s time that the American people be heard, as we raise our voices on November 8th in favor of legalization,” said Rozzie, adding, “We are keeping our flippers crossed that Prop 64 passes in California – PUFF, PUFF, Pass!”


  1. I’m voting for Trump. The Democrats could have gotten Recreational Cannabis use off the felony drug list. I will not vote for the criminal Hillary. It’s all coming to light soon what kind of people are Bill and Hillary Clinton.