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RotaChrom Technologies Participates in Panel Discussion and Gives CBD-Focused Talk at the Future Cannabis Strategy Conference Europe 2021

Developer of World’s First Complete Centrifugal Partition Chromatography Platform Speaks to the Landscape of Legal CBD With Other Industry Leaders


RotaChrom Technologies (“RotaChrom” or the “Company”), the developer of the world’s first complete industrial-scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC) technology platform, will be participating in a panel discussion at the Future Cannabis Strategy Conference Europe 2021 about the legal landscape for CBD with other leading companies in the industry. In addition, RotaChrom will host another session following the panel that is aimed at teaching listeners how to differentiate themselves through technological innovation.

Róbert Byssz, RotaChrom Chief Regional Leader for EMEA APAC LATAM, will be part of the panel with other prominent industry leaders. The panel will also include speakers from Tilray, EMMAC and Khiron Life Sciences, Corp.

The round table, “Q&A Session: Mapping the CBD Legal Landscape 2021,” which will take place on Tuesday, March 23, at 11 a.m. GMT, will answer questions about the industry such as:

  • Is it happy days for CBD after the European Court’s “not a narcotic” ruling?
  • What can we understand from the CBD regulatory changes in Europe and the UK cross category?
  • With regions, countries and continents at different stages of the CBD and legalized marijuana roadmap, is there a better approach we should take to achieve a unified CBD category moving forward?
  • How can we develop a more centralized and consolidated approach to CBD and cannabis legalization so that the category can grow?
  • Where are we lacking in collaboration that is affecting the speed at which cannabis can be a widely accepted category?

The second presentation, “CBD is a Commodity Now, Strategies to Separate Yourself from the Pack,” will also be given by Byssz. In this presentation, Byssz will share key strategies for businesses to differentiate themselves with quality products, particularly by utilizing technological innovations. This presentation will take place immediately following the panel discussion.

“We are proud to be a part of the Future Cannabis Strategy Conference and to have the opportunity to speak to this important topic,” Byssz said. “As the industry continues to expand in Europe, more operators and scientists continue to look for solutions in CBD purification and processing, which are major pieces of the legalization process.”

The conference will be held virtually from Tuesday, March 23 – Wednesday, March 24, 2021. To register, visit: https://www.arena-international.com/cannabis/.For more information about RotaChrom Technologies, visit RotaChrom.com/.

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RotaChrom Technologies has developed the world's first industrial scale Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (pCPC) technology platform with a fully automated solvent recycling system. The company's instruments have revolutionized compound purification by providing cost-effective industrial scale chromatography solutions to customers all over the world in various industries including pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food/beverage and botanical extracts. RotaChrom has achieved international success in pharmaceutical purification, and it’s goal is to become an industry-leading company by setting global purification standards. RotaChrom’s CPC platforms are quintessential applications when looking for a high-purity, high-capacity, and yield-focused solution.