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A Sleep Aid Without The Side Effects: Meet CBNight

CBNIGHT-CBD American Shaman

March is National Sleep Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to examine how well – or poorly – we’re sleeping. The sleep industry is a billion dollar industry, which speaks volumes about how much our country struggles with quality sleep. Add a pandemic into the mix, and you have even more people struggling to cope with the extremely stressful state of the world (and consequently, losing a lot of sleep). When a night of good sleep becomes a rare occurrence, people typically turn to sleep aids for help. However, many of the go-to options – such as melatonin, nighttime cold medicine, or prescription medications – generally come with some unfortunate downsides like becoming habit forming, building a tolerance, grogginess, and strange (and sometimes scary) dreams. 

I understand quality sleep is a precious commodity, and more people are desperately seeking an effective solution without the side effects. To that end, I set out to find a CBN solution to support a good night’s sleep. Like most phytocannabinoids, CBN binds to multiple receptors in the body (the endocannabinoid system). CBN (in low doses) has naturally relaxing and sedative effects in humans without any psychoactive effects, making it the perfect sleep aid solution without the side effects. 

This is what led to the creation of CBD American Shaman’s CBNight, the world’s first CBN oil powered by nanotechnology with a proprietary blend of cannabinoids and terpenes to help users fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. My team and I spent months testing to find the perfect blend with none of the side effects of usual sleep aids.

CBNight is made from CBN, a phytocannabinoid or cannabis-like molecule found naturally in the hemp plant. CBN is produced when the cannabis or hemp plant ages, and through the combination of specific enzymes and ultraviolet light and heat, the plant is transformed into CBN cannabinoid. CBN differs from CBD in that CBN is produced at a different stage in the plant’s life cycle. 

CBNight is a proprietary new blend of cannabinoids in a water-soluble oil that has high bioavailability, meaning you feel the effects much faster, and therefore, you fall asleep much faster. The CBNight blend is focused purely on improving sleep. Simply taking CBNight 30 minutes before bed helps people fall asleep faster and actually stay asleep longer, which is the real goal right?

We knew it was important to conduct research speaking to the efficacy of CBNight, so we set out to see how many people really benefited from it. We conducted a survey of individuals who indicated they would be using CBNight (after voluntarily purchasing and administering the product themselves) for sleep disorders. The survey comprised questions that looked into sleep habits, sleep quality before taking CBNight, and sleep quality while using CBNight. 

The survey group consisted of 40% female and 60% male respondents of varying ages. The results demonstrated that CBNight significantly decreased the number of individuals experiencing sleep difficulty and overall improved the quality of sleep. Specifically, it decreased the incidence of those experiencing seven hours of sleep or less from 42% to 13%, those having difficulty initiating sleep from 43% to 2%, those having difficulty maintaining sleep from 57% to 22%, those experiencing early morning awakenings from 43% to 15%, and those experiencing nonrestorative sleep from 60% to 13%. 

The results have us confident that CBNight is an effective solution that supports quality sleep, evidencing yet another exciting application and benefit of CBN.