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Cultivating Sustainably to Amplify Terpenes

Simply Bare Organics

Maximizing and preserving terpenes is both science and art, with each cultivar’s aromatic fingerprint immediately noticeable to discerning cannabis consumers. Naturally cultivated terpenes star in sustainable, handcrafted cannabis produced for Simply BareTM Organic by Rubicon Organics. 

Some consumers perceive THC content as an indicator of potency and quality, but a true marker of premium cannabis is the terpenes. Simply Bare Organic’s holistic approach to organic cannabis cultivation prioritizes the plant and environment to naturally enhance and diversify terpene profiles. 

Harnessing nutrients from natural sunlight, along with organic living soil composed of a proprietary blend of Douglas fir bark, kelp and worm castings from the Sunshine Coast, Simply Bare Organic provides the plants all the nourishment needed to express their unique character, thus offering customers cannabis with a distinct and flavourful nose. 

Terpenes play a key role in each cultivar’s unique personality, and their flavourful yet sensitive bouquets are easily influenced by climate, soil type and even time of day. With this understanding, we operate in an optimal environment, where cannabis is hand-harvested then hang-dried for 14 days before undergoing careful hand-manicuring to preserve trichomes. Our process finishes with a two-week cold cure, ensuring minimal terpene loss or damage. 

Terpenes have the power to affect the entire cannabis experience, from the moment consumers open the jar through to sparking the flower. For consumers seeking a room-filling aroma, our sativa-dominant BC Organic Sour Cookies – a potent cultivar marrying Girl Scout Cookies with Sour Diesel lineages – has tested with a minimum 2.5 percent terpene content, with sweet and sour notes attributed to dominant terpenes ocimene, myrcene, farnesene and limonene. 

Ocimene – often found in herbs such as mint and parsley – infuses BC Organic Sour Cookies with sweet, earthy notes. Myrcene, which is found in hops, lends a spicy, peppery undertone to the cannabis. Farnesene is often associated with green apples – slightly sweet and sour – while limonene adds a fresh, citrusy aroma to the front of the nose. 

To ensure minimal terpene loss while being mindful of the environment, BC Organic Sour Cookies is packaged into 3.5-gram glass jars and soon in a 7-gram format; the recyclable jars can be repurposed as a quality, light-resistant stash jar. Consumers know quality when they smell it: in Q4 2020, Ontario Cannabis Store reported that Simply Bare’s BC Organic Sour Cookies and BC Organic Blue Dream ranked third and fifth respectively in the same premium-priced segment.   

Based in the fertile Fraser Valley in Delta, B.C., Rubicon Organics launched Simply Bare in 2019 to provide Canadians with premium, handcrafted cannabis. Today, Rubicon Organics operates one of Canada’s first organic certified greenhouses, bringing nature’s true cannabis to consumers. 

Our Simply Bare Organic collection of premium organic cultivars includes BC Organic Blue Dream, BC Organic Sour Cookies, BC Organic SFV OG Kush, and BC Organic Apple Toffee. For more information, visit simplybare.com.