Home Business Cloudious9 Releases The Hydrology9 NX For Concentrates & Flower Consumption

Cloudious9 Releases The Hydrology9 NX For Concentrates & Flower Consumption


Cloudious9, Inc. a cannabis consumption hardware & technology company out of the Bay Area, released the brand new Hydrology9 NX for Concentrates and Flower earlier this month. This new vape is our redesigned take on our former flagship Hydrology9 water filtered vaporizer, which was only for flower.

The new Hydrology9 NX is a modular and dedicated water filtered vaporizer for both the concentrate connoisseur and flower enthusiast. Featuring a switchable concentrate atomizer & convection flower heating chamber, the Hydrology9 NX was designed with an uncompromised dedication to each material’s unique vaporization attributes.

The dedicated concentrate atomizer features a 100% glass quartz bucket with a revolutionary thermal plate heating technology, designed for ultra-efficient heat generation and maximum surface area coverage without any cold spots, recreating a modernized torch-like experience.  The mouthpiece also contains a hidden quartz carb cap that allows the user to maximize airflow over the consumable, ensuring maximum flavor profiles.  

Alternatively, the separate and dedicated hybrid flower heating chamber utilizes our patent-pending “Dual Layer” heating technology that combines the vapor consistency of convection heating with the space and energy efficiency of conduction heating.

The Hydrology9 NX contains an advanced sensor that recognizes either the concentrate or flower heating chamber, automatically adjusting the temperature to the unique vaporization profile of either the concentrate or flower consumable.  The adjustable 6 temperature dial ranges from 450f – 750f for the concentrate atomizer and from 324f – 468f for the flower heating chamber.

The Hydrology9 NX is available for $270 in either the Concentrate or Flower base model alone.  For an additional $30, you can purchase the additional concentrate atomizer or convection flower heating chamber for the complete dual use, yet dedicated experience.

Hydrology9 NX features include:

  • Water Filtration Vaporizer with Anti-leak technology
  • Switchable Dedicated Concentrate Atomizer & Flower Vaporizer
  • Replaceable and Rechargeable 1900 Mah battery
  • Adjustable Temperature Dial With 6 Unique Settings For Each Heating Chamber
  • 100% Glass Quartz Bucket (Concentrate Atomizer)
  • Revolutionary Thermal Heating Plate Technology For A Torch Like Experience (Concentrate Atomizer)
  • Hidden Quartz Carb Cap
  • Dual Layer Convection & Conduction Ceramic Heating Chamber (Flower Heating Chamber)
  • Borosilicate Glass & Aluminum Alloy Body
  • Silicon Sleeve To Help Protect the NX, While Also Keeping Cool
  • Easy Access Air Path For Quick Cleaning
  • Magnetic USB Charging Port 
  • Sleek & Portable Design 
  • User Friendly Interface

To learn more about the Hydrology9 NX, please visit: https://www.Cloudious9/Hydrology9NX.com/