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Sage Luminary: A Revolutionary New Way to Test Cannabis Potency


Another brilliant breakthrough in the world of technology surrounding the budding (hah, pun intended, or no?) marijuana industry. The Sage Luminary is here to change the way we test cannabis potency forever – no more need to send samples off to a laboratory for expensive testing!

Who Are Sage Analytics?

Sage Analytics is a company who realized the lack of a more resourceful way to test marijuana was a huge problem for the growing industry. Their goal was to close the gap between growers and retailers and an affordable way to test their flower for potency.

The sharp minds working for Sage Analytics did exactly that when they created the Sage Luminary.

What is the Sage Luminary and What does it do?

The Sage Luminary is the first ever portable device that can accurately read the potency of marijuana. By using light based technology it is able to read the chemicals in the plant on a molecular level, breaking it down and providing a highly accurate reading on levels of THC, CBD and CBN.

This device is so simple it can be used with just about any desktop computer, making it an affordable solution for anyone in the industry. The Luminary doesn’t stop there – it can also tell you the moisture content (freshness) of the herb tested. You can test a whole bud though it is recommended to use a grinder for the most accurate results possible.

How this Technology Will Revolutionize he Cannabis Industry

There are many ways in which this product is going to make a largely positive impact on the marijuana industry, the first being the ability to provide accurate information to patients and recreational users.

Up until now the only way for a retailer or grower to know 100% the potency of a plant they were supplying was to send a sample off to a lab to be tested. This is both expensive and takes quite a bit of extra time – both of which are now unnecessary with the Luminary.

With this the growers will be able to provide the retailers with more accurate information on a batch by batch basis. This will enable retailers to provide patients and recreational users alike proper information on potency so the right “strength” can be purchased.

Another great benefit is the fact that this will provide more accuracy and consistency when it comes to edibles. When someone is able to test the bud prior to combining it with food products they will be able to provide a product that will produce the same effects time and time again.

This truly is the start of a beautiful and much needed change in the industry – Sage Analytics hit it big with this one – it really is a turning point for the legal marijuana market.