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Seattle Officer Returns Cannabis to Legal User


We’ve reported in the past about police corruption and abuse when it comes to the leech that is the failed war on drugs. While it’s important to bring light to these stories, it’s equally imperative to give props to the officers who understand that responsibly using or possessing cannabis is not a crime in several U.S. states.

With that in mind, a tip of the hat is owed to a Seattle police officer who returned a bag of weed to a man who was trying his best to hide it. Footage of the interaction was captured on the officer’s body cam and posted by World Star Hip Hop. Recreational consumption is legal for adults over the age of 21 in the state of Washington.

In the video, the officer is seen approaching a man who is holding a shoe and smoking a cigarette. As the man was obviously anxious, the officer asks, “You doing alright?”

Perhaps forgetting he’s in a state where weed is legal, he comes up with a hilariously bogus story that the cop sees right through, “I’m selling this shoe.”

The officer then asks the man if he dropped something. Looking suspicious as can be, the man says no as he steps on something on the ground. After the officer asks the man to take a step back, what is revealed could still get him arrested in most states.

The officer finds a small dime bag under a black grocery bag under the man’s shoe. Picking up the dime, the cops righteously says, “Ah, that’s just marijuana, put that away.”

The man was so surprised that his weed was returned to him, he triesto keep his shoe story intact. “These are size 13. I’m trying to sell them,” the man says.It takes a few seconds, but the man then realizes that he since he’s in a legal state, he won’t be getting arrested. Upon his newfound positive realization, he opens up a dialogue with the officer, “How you doing today?”

“I’m doing great,” the officer responds, clearly amused.

“Just remember you’re not supposed to display it or smoke in public,” the policeman says to the man.

The man was much obliged, as the officer thanks him and they both move on with their lives peacefully. The man accidentally dropped his weed and wasn’t displaying it out in the open, so the cop saw no harm.

It’s great to see this. This is exactly how it should be nationwide when it comes to police drastically reducing the priority of cannabis ‘crimes’. The possibility still exists, of course, that not all Seattle cops will be this understanding when it comes to the herb – so it’s best not to test it if you’re visiting or live there.