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Sex and Cannabis Are Coming Out to Play!


Shut the doors, pull the blinds, and don’t let your conservative grandmother catch you reading this article because, gasp, sex and cannabis are supposed to be taboo! 

Hopefully, you caught the sarcasm there, so let’s get down to business. We live in an age where out-dated taboos (like sex and cannabis) are being discussed more freely than ever before, and the cannabis powered, sexual wellness brand Lavinia is on a mission to bring pleasure to the masses. Founded by Katie Enright during the height of the pandemic, Lavinia products are designed to empower, delight, and transport users into a space where orgasms come frequently and with more power. The Los Angeles based brand has launched from zero to nearly 100 dispensaries throughout California in less than a calendar year. Hot Girl Summer just got spicier. 

However, Lavinia was not some grandiose “Oh!” moment. The journey could not have been more of a U-turn for Enright, who originally planned to side-step sexuality all together by becoming a nun. After a chance encounter while studying abroad, the religious studies major met an impossibly enticing man and made the decision to ditch the habit. As a late bloomer, Enright felt behind in sexual experience and decided to hit the books and learn everything she could about pleasure and created the prototype for what would become Lavinia’s first product.

First shared with friends, and then friends of friends to glowing reviews, the lubricant Enright developed in her kitchen became a cult favorite. When the pandemic closed the doors for so many pursuits, it also opened a window for Enright to get Lavinia into the hands of scientists and developers in order to hit the market and bring rapture to the public. 

“We are trying to normalize two historically taboo industries — Cannabis and Sex. Orgasms are not always easy for everyone to talk about or for everyone to experience. With the launch of oh.hi and the community behind Lavinia, it is our mission to open the conversation around this and show how cannabis can help make sexual pleasure more accessible and more acceptable for everyone,” said Katie Enright, Founder and CEO of Lavinia.

Lavinia’s first product, oh.hi, uses THC and CBD from cannabis to power their silicone lubricant, in order to take sexual pleasure from its baseline straight into the stratasphere. The palm sized tube contains a top notch silicone lubricant that is nothing short of a magical elixir in its ability to bring orgasms. Wherever applied, oh.hi increases blood flow and sensitivity to touch. The result? Effortless, powerful orgasms. When tested against standard, water-based lubricants, oh.hi delivered double the orgasms and in doing so served up an overall better sexual experience and even a better connection with your partner (or self!). oh.hi is also condom safe, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility when doing the deed!

Making sure the science was right is paramount to Lavinia. The brand has partnered with Dr. Kristina Collins to better understand the sexual experience from a medical perspective, who says “THC delivered directly to the vagina or anus may also increase dilation of vessels and blood circulation, leading to increased sexual excitement, heightened perception of touch, and improved orgasm.” oh.hi is not designed to get users high, though. While cannabis has been shown to release dopamine on its own in other contexts (such as inhalation and consumption), its purpose inside oh.hi is to help intensify physical touch and orgasms.

Lavinia knows actions are important as well, so to help fulfill their mission of supporting and fostering an inclusive and sexually empowered community, Lavinia reached out in their homebase of Califonria to the LGBTQIA+ community for pride. This included both the fun, like a drag show in San Francisco (for Pride Month. A portion of Lavinia’s June sales will go to the LA LGBT Center, because Enright used their services when she first moved to Los Angeles, and it was the only place she could obtain an STD check without any money. The LA LGBT Center is very close to her heart and to be able to give back now is a huge win for her. 

Gone are the days of being ashamed of your sexual experiences or feeling like you have no one to talk to about it. Lavinia is here to open the door to a community that provides understanding and support. Follow them on Instagram @oh.lavinia and be a part of a blooming community where sex, cannabis, and intense orgasms are for everyone. Not to mention the new products that are coming soon! Lavinia is currently only being sold in California, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of this awesome community!