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Canna Style’s ‘Stoners in Paris’ Collection Positions Oui’d Accessories at the Intersection of Fashion and Function

Stoners in Paris

Woman-owned and operated smoke ware brand, Canna Style announced today its newest collection of fashion-forward cannabis accessories, including dainty wine bottle glass pieces, macaroon stash jars, and ornate gold-plated joint cases that are all designed with the female cannabis user in mind. 

During a time when overseas travel is limited, the ‘Stoners in Paris’ collection transports cannabis enthusiasts to a quaint French Bistro overlooking the Eiffel Tower, where all are welcome to sip wine while smoking a beautifully rolled pink joint and flipping through the latest issue of Vogue. Curated by former fashion executive and Canna Style’s Founder, the new line of Parisian influenced pieces demonstrates ways in which cannabis accessories can become a form of functional fashion. 

“Just like a new pair of designer shoes, a one of a kind handbag, fine art, or perhaps even an antique piece of furniture, the products in this drop are items that women should want to leave on display at home and show off to friends. A beautiful smoking accessory is more than a functional tool, it’s a piece of fashion,” said Amanda Smith, CEO & Founder of Canna Style. 

The Collection Includes:

  • Wine Themed Glass Pieces: The Rose Wine Bottle Bong and the smaller Rose Wine Bottle Pipe, are made with pink glass and an iridescent finish for those who truly want to ‘Rose all day’ with their favorite cannabis flower.  
  • Elegant Travel Containers: The golden Oui’d Joint Case holds and protects up to 12 joints and is embossed with a stunning Fleur De Lis pattern that’s worth showing off, while the Odor-Proof Designer Pouch in the collection uses an activated carbon inter-lining, blocking 95% of all odors for more discreet travel. The J’adore Oui’d Tote can easily carry both of these containers in the collection, or it can be used for other lifestyle activities such as grocery shopping or picnics in the park. 
  • Ceramic Bistro Ashtrays: Influenced by the communal ashtrays found in cafes across Paris, the Oui’d Cafe Ashtray has an embossed rim with grooves for cigarettes, joints or blunts, similar to the kitschy Croissant Ashtray shaped like the delectable pastry that also doubles as a catchall nightstand tray.
  • Classy Joint Accessories: Canna Style’s Pink Parisian Cones, featuring images of french pastries and the Eiffel Tower can be packed and enjoyed with or without the collection’s Fancy Joint Holders at the tip for a stylish and elevated smoking experience.
  • Stash Jars: This four-pack set of Macaroon Stash Containers come in a variety of delicious pastel colors, perfect for storing herbs, edibles, or wax concentrates. 
  • Display-Worthy Lighters: The vintage-inspired J’adore Oui’d Tabletop Lighter is rosegold, refillable, and highly enviable. 

As one of the largest female-centric smoke ware brands on the market, Stoners in Paris is the 8th collection among Canna Style’s lineup of accessories, with a variety of custom collections on the horizon.

“We want to redefine how smoking accessories are viewed in an unexpected way that feels approachable for women,” Smith said. “By providing women with smoking accessories they are excited to share, opportunities present themselves for women to have open conversations about cannabis.”

New York City-based Canna Style is a female-owned and operated smoke ware brand launched by fashion veteran Amanda Smith in 2019. Amanda made the switch from designing apparel to bongs because there wasn’t a space within the traditionally male dominated cannabis industry that embraced smokers like herself. Canna Style is helping remove the stigma for female smokers by creating a safe space for women to explore their interest in cannabis. Through the popularity of their Celestial Collection, Plant Mom Collection, and Strawberry Collection on social media, Canna Style has grown into the largest women-focused line of smoking accessories on the market.