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Shade Debuts Full Spectrum CBD Gummies


You can find shade at https://www.instagram.com/discovershade/ 

shade, a boutique hemp company by creatives, for creatives, has unveiled a brand new line of Full Spectrum CBD Gummies. 

“shade is excited to bring the breadth of experience and understanding of the California marketplace to the CBD space with the launch of our CBD gummy line.  We’ll be adding more product offerings in this space as we grow the brand,” shares shade co-founder Jay Levine. “shade’s founders are now Mom’s and Dad’s and have personally benefited from the healing and calming aspects of CBD.  There is a huge group of hip, creative parents out there who are in need of a stigma free, great tasting CBD product that speaks to them.  CBD offers a wider world of partnerships and a barrier free marketplace to serve as a home for shade’s beauty and ethos.”

shade’s founders are made up of two families of creators, designers and producers who have spent their careers curating, discovering and developing talented artists. They came together with a common desire to develop a perfectly balanced experience that enhances creativity and keeps productive energy flowing. They are always searching for and sourcing the best materials and ingredients with every new release. 

shade embodies balance, beauty and the belief that through their products, your potential is discovered, not defined.  We support creatives across multiple verticals, whether you’re a professional recording artist or a Mom taking a break from the kids to publish a blog entry, shade was made by creatives, for creatives.

The Full Spectrum CBD Gummies aim to promote a better night’s rest, enhance clarity and focus, reduce swelling and support joint health, reduce anxious feelings, support the immune system and more. These 25mg vegan gummies come in a 30-count package with assorted flavors – Strawberry, Orange and Lemon.

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