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Strain Review: Blackberry Trainwreck

A Berry Flavored, Earthy Bliss


Two favorite strains, Blackberry Kush and Trainwreck come together to make this fine herbal hybrid. The plant is one that has many different medical uses aside from the many features that make it a cannabis connoisseur dream bud.

What You Should Expect

When it comes to looks you will be pleased with this strain as it is colorful both when growing and once cured. The buds are extremely dense and are covered in thick orange hairs and a light crystal frost coating the leaves. The plant, when growing, has shades of deep purple on the leaves as well.

The aroma of this one is hard to miss, especially when it is being ground up for use. It has a sweet berry smell with an earthy undertone. You may also compare the smell to that of strains like Cali Candy, which is a very fruity strain with a candy-like scent.

When it comes to taste you will surely be able to tell that this is a Blackberry Kush relative as the berry flavor really comes out when smoked – it’s unmistakable. Though the Trainwreck parent does leave a bit of the earthy taste that the strain is known for.

Medical Benefits of Blackberry Trainwreck       

This strain is primarily an indica and it acts as such. It offers a mellow and uplifting high that leaves the user in a mood to keep busy until it wears down. It is a great strain for those who are looking to find pain relief, yet still want to be able to get through their day productively.

Though you may want to be sure you have your heart set on a certain project because you may find yourself zoning in on one thing for an extended period. For creatives this strain is perfect because it seems to boost creative and abstract thinking – one of the things artists have been looking for in strains for years.

With a roughly 18% THC/9% CBD make-up, this strain is perfect for all day use. You may find yourself feeling a little sluggish during the last hour of the high – this is normal for an indica and may leave inexperienced users ready for a nap.

If you are looking to treat depression, anxiety, arthritic pain or insomnia, then this is definitely a strain that is highly recommended. Both its parent strains are excellent in the medicinal world, leaving no doubt that a hybrid of the two would be the perfect thing for some patients.