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Strain Review: Bubba Kush

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An award-winning California strain, Bubba Kush has become popular worldwide for its lineage and desirable medicating effects. Bubba Kush is almost pure indica, typically. The strain offers the relaxing, relieving effects of a heady indica, but won’t often cause a dreaded “couch-lock”. Many cannabis enthusiasts consider Bubba Kush to be one of the tastiest and most appealing of the milder indica strains. One thing is for sure: The strain has become a staple in the cannabis industry since the mid 2000’s and appears to be here to stay.


Some say since Bubba Kush plants are stocky and bulky, the strain is likely some kind of Afghani indica, but its exact lineage isn’t known. The strain is named after a California cannabis breeder called “Bubba” who thinks the mother plant was originally Northern Lights. For the sake of brevity, Bubba Kush’s genetics are usually accepted to be Bubble Gum and the OG Kush — making Bubba Kush another love offspring of a cannabis power couple.


The smell of the flowers of the Bubba Kush strain is earthy and piney with a huge amount of perfume and sweetness. True Bubba Kush flowers are densely packed featuring frosty trichomes throughout. The buds look like they’ve been rolled in sugar crystals. Many users have described the scent of Bubba Kush buds to resemble that of Sour Diesel, only sweeter. After grinding Bubba Kush flowers, the strain’s depths of aromas are released, which tend to smell a bit more musky and spicy. Legal users report the taste to be very smooth, with tastes varying from a chocolate candy bar, to vanilla ice cream with a hint of spice. Bubba Kush has been reported to leave a minty aftertaste on the palate.

Medicating Effect

While some Bubba Kush strains can feature up to 22% THC, most buds found in medical dispensaries and retail locations are around 14-17%. This makes Bubba Kush a perfect daytime indica for patients seeking relaxation and tension or stress relief, treating minor aches and pains and eating disorders. This strain won’t put you to sleep or make you groggy like other Kush might, while offering medicinal value to patients. Users report that the medicating effect of Bubba Kush has a bit of a creeper quality that starts in the head, then eases tense muscles in the body. Users seem to agree that the effects of Bubba Kush might not last as long as other strains. It seems to be a good choice for novice cannabis users and longtime enthusiasts alike.