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Strain Review: Cherry Pie

A Flavorful Blast of Medicine


This strain is often thought to be another version of Cherry Kush – however, its genetics are entirely different. Cherry Pie is an indica dominant hybrid strain whose parentage lies in the Granddaddy Purple strain and Durban Poison. With superior genetics like these, it is no wonder that this Bay-area strain was quick to get attention.

What You Should Expect

As with most indica plants you come to expect that the buds will be smaller, denser and much more powerful – and Cherry Pie delivers on all of these promises. The buds are colorful, a dark forest green with orange hairs and purple leaves throughout – perfectly displaying its relation to Granddaddy Purple in looks. Buds are generally smaller and shaped like little pine cones or Christmas trees and they are very compact as a good indica should be.

The aroma of this strain is unmistakably cherry and wood – offering a fruity and earthy scent that will fill a room. When smoked or vaped you will find that the flavor is right on point with the scent, leaving a lingering faint burnt cherry taste. The incredibly sticky buds offer a THC-rich effect on both the body and mind that is relatively fast-acting and can last two or three hours.

Medical Benefits

When it comes to medical benefits, this strain is most commonly used for curbing stress and anxiety as it is quick to bring on relief and can leave you feeling relaxed for a couple of hours at a time. It is also commonly used to relieve chronic pain from conditions like arthritis and fibromyalgia. This strain offers a THC content likely in the 20%-25% range, though official numbers are hard to come by.

If you’re looking to medicate in the afternoon or evenings then this should be a go-to strain if it is available to you. There is a potential for a bit of a crash when the effects wear off, making this a strain best suited for later in the day. It can be hard to come by unfortunately, but when you get the chance, it is worth trying out.

For those considering home growing this strain, I have to admit it’s a little more difficult to come by good reliable information for this strain. Be sure you buy your seeds from a trusted source that ensures the genetics of the strain. If the hybrid is a mixture of anything other than Granddaddy Purp and Durban Poison then it’s not the real deal!