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Strain Review: Chocolate Thai


Another old school legendary strain, Chocolate Thai is a potent sativa made popular in the 1970’s, a time when strains from the East made their way into the states. Chocolate Thai originated as a pure sativa land-race strain that grew lanky and thin with small buds, while still requiring long flowering times. A solution to this problem for early growers and distributors was to tie together “Thai Sticks” — which are just flowers tied around their stem with hemp.

Despite its weak bud output, Chocolate Thai remains a heavy hitting, yet clear-headed strain to this day. Chocolate Thai’s strong cerebral effects were so heavy in the 70’s and 80’s, that the strain was often rumored to be soaked in “early water” — which is the excess water that comes from dehydrating latex from the opium poppy in the process of making heavy, dangerous opiates like heroin. This of course is a myth, but the reason it sprouted up is a testament to Chocolate Thai’s potent legendary status.


The lineage of Chocolate Thai is unknown. Popularity of the Thai Stick strain died down in the mid-80s, but all was not lost. Today, modern breeders have developed batches of the strain that grow fatter and thicker flowers, thus making it more available to the cannabis market. Even though Chocolate Thai likely won’t ever be huge commercially, it’s definitely carved out its decades-old niche appealing to connoisseurs.

Taste/ Aroma

The mocha latte scent from intact Chocolate Thai flowers is not that potent. When the flowers are grinded up, though, the aromas and accents come out — smelling earthy and like dark chocolate, with hints of sweet coffee. The taste of the Chocolate Thai strain has been reported to taste similarly to the scent, like dark chocolate or coffee ice cream.

Medicating Effect

The medicating effect of Chocolate Thai has been reported to be potently cerebral, yet functional, uplifting and clearheaded. The effects seem to be long-lasting, yet manageable, making the Chocolate Thai strain a solid choice for relieving stress, minor aches and pains, treating eating disorders or depression. Most occasional, recreational cannabis consumers likely won’t be coming across the Chocolate Thai strain anytime soon. However, if you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast looking for a blast from the past, or a medical patient looking for a strong daytime sativa with manageable effects; consider putting Chocolate Thai on your must try list.

We want to hear what you think? Is Chocolate Thai your favorite strain? If not, what is? Let us know and maybe we’ll do a review on it!