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Strain Review: Cookies and Cream

Sweeter than Any Dessert


Cookies and cream is kind of like the ultimate dessert – almost everyone loves it – and the same goes for the cannabis strain of the same name. This hybrid was bred from an undisclosed phenotype of the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies strain, crossed with Starfighter from Alien Genetics. Created by Exotic Genetix, based in Washington, this strain has managed to impress many in its relatively short existence.

What You Should Expect

When choosing a strain of cannabis you are likely looking to relieve symptoms of one kind or another – or at least you have a good idea of the effects which you would like to experience. Cookies and Cream is a rather new hybrid strain that offers a very, very potent effect – and despite its fairly recent creation, it has already snagged up placement in the Denver Cannabis Cup. This is definitely a stand-out strain that you will not want to miss an opportunity to try.

You will find that the sweet aroma of this strain sticks around long after you open the bag or jar you are keeping it in – and it transfers over to a creamy and sweet smoke that is extremely mild. When vaporized, more of the flavor comes out and you will even find hints of vanilla and lemon, with an earthy but somewhat sweet aftertaste. The THC content of this strain averages at 25%, CBD at just under 1%, leaving it a very balanced – but still very strong – bud.

Its look is exactly what you would expect, bright green buds, dense and pinecone shaped in most cases, with the dark forest and grassy greens blending well together, separated by thick orange hairs and blanketed in a thin layer of white crystals. Though this is considered a more sativa dominant strain, it seems to take after the indica traits in appearance and pungent aroma.

Medical Benefits

If you are looking for a medication that will get you up and going, this might not be it – but in almost any other respect this strain is an excellent choice to turn to. In small doses it can be used as a morning strain, however it is best if you have a relatively loose schedule when medicating with Cookies and Cream before noon. On the other hand, if you have the day off or you are looking to medicate for pain due to arthritis or injury, then you will find this strain is a perfect starter.

In the afternoons and evenings this strain is perfect as it only takes a few puffs to really sink in – and it is easy to overdo it with Cookies and Cream and find yourself glued to your sofa. It will leave you mindful, relaxed, and attentive; or perhaps the complete opposite and generally creative and euphoric. This strain would be a great option for treating depression and anxiety (in smaller doses) as well as chronic pain and migraine headaches.