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Strain Review: Crystal Coma

Insomnia’s Worst Nightmare


If you’re looking for a highly potent strain to end your day with, then Crystal Coma may be just the strain you’re looking for. This strain has almost creeper-like effects that may take a bit to set in, but will leave you feeling relaxed, stress-free and ready for a nap not too long after medicating.

What You Should Expect

A sativa-dominant strain, this is a California classic that was originally bred by Holistic Meds in Cali, but fell off the market for a while after a raid and did not resurface until later at a San Diego shop called Alpha Medic. The genetics of this strain are long gone due to the loss of the original breeder, though it is thought to be a hybrid of Cheese and Skunk #1, both potent and extremely effective medical cannabis strains.

With 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics, you might expect this strain to give you a bit of get-up-and-go – but that feeling will quickly subside if you medicate as you would with most strains, due to its super potent 27% THC level. The strain is generally a lime or pastel shade of green with thin orange hairs and a prominent coating of white crystals coating each bud, with a citrusy and piney sort of aroma, transferring to a lemon-like flavor.

The effects of this strain, as mentioned, come on quite strong – it may start off giving you a cerebral buzz, leading to a talkativeness and relaxed feeling that works wonders for social anxiety disorders; but it quickly turns into a full body relaxation that will have you melting into place and ready to call it a night. For this reason it is best used for medicating in the evenings.

Medical Benefits

For those looking to medicate with Crystal Coma you should keep the potency in mind. While it does work wonders as a medicine, it can be too much for those who are new to cannabis. Take it slow with this strain and you will find your perfect balance; however, you may find yourself asleep earlier than expected if you consume too much. This strain is excellent for anxiety disorders, including general anxiety and PTSD, and it also helps patients with chronic pain, migraine headaches and insomnia.

Anyone looking to grow Crystal Coma for themselves may be hard-pressed to find a starting point, unfortunately. However, with the growth of the cannabis industry throughout the nation, we can hope that this strain will become more widely available in time.