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Strain Review: Frankenstein

A Powerful and Potent Indica

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The Frankenstein strain is an indica dominant hybrid, with an 80% indica and 20% sativa makeup and parentage that is unknown. Breeders tend to keep this strain’s genetics a secret, though it is suspected that it is a descendant of OG Kush and multiple other unknown indica hybrids.

What You Should Expect

Though the genetics of this strain are highly unknown, its potency averages 18-22% on average – and the effects are fairly stable from batch to batch. It is generally a vibrant green with thin orange hairs throughout the entire bud – in some cases it is coated in a layer of white crystals that give it a paler appearance. The buds are generally smaller and round, and very dense as is the case with most indica dominant strains. The aroma of this strain is citrusy – which transfers over into the flavor, with a hint of sweetness – almost like mango and lemon combined.

When it comes to the effects of this strain, you will notice them rather quickly. The powerful effects start off with a relaxing mind and body buzz that only increases in intensity as you continue to vape or smoke. It is known to be a heavy strain that creates almost contradicting sedating and energizing effects that may give you a boost at first or in small doses – and it is also known for creating a case of the munchies.

Medical Benefits

If you are planning to use Frankenstein for medicinal purposes then you will find that this strain is best used in the evening due to its potential sedating effects. The conditions that will likely see the most benefit from this strain include chronic pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety disorders, depression and wasting syndrome, among other eating disorders. The relaxing effects can make life more manageable for people with mental health issues and it has the potential to reduce inflammation.

For those who need to medicate throughout the day you may want to consider a more sativa dominant strain – however, if you are a veteran consumer then you may be able to use this strain during the day, just in smaller doses.