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Strain Review: Fruity Chronic Juice

A Sweet and Tangy Indica

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Hybrid marijuana plants are most often created when people are looking to produce a certain effect or appearance for their strains, and often these strains end up more beautiful and potent than either of their parents. This is certainly the case for Fruity Chronic Juice. A cross between White Widow and Chronic and bred by Delicious Seeds, this strain is known for its potent indica effects as well as the overactive production of trichomes.

What You Should Expect

With a THC content ranging from 15-20% and CBD generally reaching about 8%, Fruity Chronic Juice is an extremely powerful medical marijuana strain. The indica dominant strain is generally a paler green, with thin amber hairs sparsely throughout the dense buds, and coated in a snowy blanket of white crystals – in even higher numbers than its White Widow parent. The aroma of this strain is definitely more of a citrus smell, similar to that of a grapefruit, with hints of lemon. Those scents follow through when it comes to flavor, which is a fresh citrus followed by an earthy – almost floral – aftertaste.

Effects of this strain come on relatively quickly as far as the cerebral buzz goes, with a bit of a lightheaded feeling at first that quickly settles, leaving you talkative and social and free from most anxiety. The body effects set in shortly after, leaving you feeling relaxed and at ease – making it an excellent strain to use as a muscle relaxer or to fight chronic pain. Overall, this is an excellent indica dominant hybrid which lasts (on average) up to three hours with mildly sedating effects, especially if consumed in excess.

Medical Benefits

If you are looking into Fruity Chronic Juice as a medicine, then you will find that it is best used in the late afternoons and evenings. It is an excellent strain for treating anxiety and stress disorders including PTSD, general anxiety and social anxiety. It’s effects are also perfect for stress relief and in smaller doses you may find yourself able to accomplish a lot while the strain is working. However, the relaxing feeling can also leave you with a bit of couchlock, so dosing moderately is the key to using an indica like this for a time when you need to get things done, but need all the stress-reducing or pain-relieving benefits.

As far as pain relief goes, this strain has moderately high THC and CBD, so it works well in reducing inflammation that most often causes chronic pain. It also relaxes the muscles, which can help with muscle spasms and tremors. The sedating feeling that can follow with higher doses is also excellent for people suffering from sleep disorders such as nightmares or insomnia. Overall, this is an excellent choice as a medical strain.

If you’re considering growing Fruity Chronic Juice you will find that it is ready to flower anywhere between 6-8 weeks – however growers suggest leaving it through 9 weeks minimum to get the most potent and crystal-coated buds possible.

This article is for educational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended to provide medical advice.