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Strain Review: Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies

Another massively popular, heavy hitting strain in the cannabis industry is Girl Scout Cookies, aka GSC. This award-winning hybrid strain can have up to 28% THC content, making it some of the strongest cannabis on the market today. GSC is definitely not for most newbies. This strain is an achievement in modern cannabis breeding that originated in San Francisco. Breeders the Cookie family have become infamous in the growing sector of the cannabis industry, keeping their secret GSC recipe locked up and making several sister cookie strains. Perfectly blended and aptly named, GSC has been often imitated but rarely duplicated in recent years.  


GSC is a cross between OG Kush indica and F1 Durban Poison sativa. While GSC is a west coast creation, legit clones like Thin Mint and Platinum Cookies and bad copycats can be found in medical dispensaries and retail locations across the country. Some business owners have questioned its therapeutic value, saying it might be too strong. Other cannabis aficionados disagree, finding that the GSC strain is exactly what they need to treat what ails them.

Taste/ Aroma

The strain has a very appealing, unmistakable scent; with a noticeably sweet, flowery, earthy aroma and a hint of sugar cookies, depending on your pallet. The taste has been reported to be very similar to the scent, with reports ranging from thin mints, to candy, to sandalwood incense. GSC buds are usually dense and covered with frosty, powdery clusters of deliciousness. Orange and golden hairs can be found throughout the GSC buds with a hint of purple. GSC looks a lot like OG Kush, but has a few less orange hairs. GSC’s green, purple and orange colors make the buds look layered and appealing. Whatever your pallet indicates when smelling and ingesting this strain, it’s likely to be pleasant and sweet. This is the type of herb that you can smell through a plastic bag.

Medicating Effect

This strain is notorious for being both a high-flyer and an intense couch locker. Patients and recreational users who are new to cannabis should probably avoid this strain, as paranoia has a chance to creep in with high THC strains like GSC. Be careful with this one, extreme paranoia has been reported to occur when consuming GSC in edibles. Experienced patients and users have reported GSC is perfectly tailored to help treat chronic pain, appetite loss, depression and anxiety.

We want to hear what you think! How do you feel about GSC? Is it your favorite strain? If not, what is?