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Strain Review: Hawaiian Punch

A Tropical Mystery Plant


Most strains these days were bred by companies or cultivators in legal states who are able to keep track of which strains they cross – but that wasn’t always the case. At some point, the Hawaiian Punch strain came to be, and it definitely came from the islands – unfortunately its parentage is completely unknown, making it an impossible strain to replicate if the plants were to disappear.

What You Should Expect

Hawaiian Punch is an interesting strain – it is classified as a Sativa dominant in some places and an Indica dominant in others, leading me to believe there are two phenotypes of this strain floating around.

The look of the buds seems to be the best way to tell ahead of time whether or not your particular strain is a sativa or indica. The sativa plants are going to be a lighter and brighter shade of green with fluffier buds, covered in orange and gold hairs as well as white crystals. The indica buds are much denser and more of a dark forest green – though the hairs and crystals are expected with this strain.

When it comes down to the aroma, you will notice that there is a tropical and earthy combination to this strain. It doesn’t disappoint when it comes to taste either, with just a hint of spicy and citrusy goodness. It is generally a smooth smoke that tends to creep up on you – so be careful not to over toke with this one!

Medical Benefits

Once you’ve determined which phenotype of this strain you have, you can expect a couple of similar effects – euphoria, relaxation and creativity are all generally accepted as common effects. The sativa strain is more likely to cause an energetic and heady buzz while the indica can have a heavier, relaxed and tired feeling associated with it.

If you’re able to determine which strain you have prior to smoking it, then you can determine when you will be mostly using this strain. With the possibility of a THC content up to 21 percent, this is a very potent strain at its best and still pretty strong at its worst. For most people, this is best as a night time medication as it will help to calm your mind and body and aid in restful sleep.

For those who suffer from chronic pain, stress, anxiety or migraine headaches, this is a powerful and effective medication. It lasts for quite a while with proper medicating – and as mentioned earlier, take your time with this strain because it likes to hit you later rather than sooner. While it may not provide immediate relief, it doesn’t take too long to be effective and you will be good to go for a bit.