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Strain Review: Hay-Z

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Hay-Z is a tasty sativa-dominant hybrid that is a real treat for cannabis connoisseurs. Coming from the Ministry of Cannabis Seed Bank, the strain’s genetics are Super Silver Haze and Neville’s Haze. Clocking in at 23% THC, Hay-Z has established itself as one of the more popular sativas. Humorously named after the hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, this strain is not one that will cause couch lock, nor will it disappoint when it comes to flavor.

Appearance/ Aroma/ Taste

Hay-Z buds are usually a pretty light green with bright red hairs and crystals throughout. The intact flowers from the Hay-Z plant have a wide variety of fresh and pleasant aromas, ranging from spicy to floral and fruity. Depending on how the plant was grown, different Hay-Z buds will feature each scent in various ways. The plant needs a lot of space to reach its full growing potential, but seems to do well grown either indoors or outdoors.

When broken up or put through a grinder, the floral or fruity aroma really shines through. Medical patients and recreational users have reported that Hay-Z is one of the tastiest strains they’ve ever experienced, with some describing its sweet and spicy flavor as being a ‘party in your mouth’. 

Medicating Effects

The Hay-Z strain provides strong, long-lasting cerebral medicating effects. Users have reported experiencing intense mental sensations from Hay-Z, while still being able to maintain focus on socializing. With its strong, positive mental effects, this hybrid has the tendency to inspire users to pursue whatever creative outlet they enjoy. 

The slight indica influence is reportedly not very noticeable, as no users experience any kind of couch-lock or laziness on this strain. The Hay-Z strain is not one that you want to enjoy before bedtime. With its intense mental effects, newbies should use caution before trying this one, as Hay-Z can sometimes become too psychoactive for the inexperienced cannabis consumer.

With its uplifting and motivating qualities and tendency to put users in a positive mood, Hay-Z would be a good choice for those looking to treat symptoms of depression or PTSD. Users also report experiencing mild to average munchies with this strain, making it a solid treatment option for some eating disorders. Be sure to have some water handy as well, because you might experience intense dry mouth with this one.

Have you tried Hay-Z? Did you like it or dislike it? Is it your favorite strain? If not, what is? Let us know in the comments and maybe we’ll do a review on it!